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China’s most beautiful treasures are still unknown for the international tourist. And that’s what makes it perfect. Mountain lakes, sea’s of ice, mystical deserts, endless grasslands, spiritual kung fu mountains,… You can all find it in Mainland China and we love getting out there.

Chola Mountain peak climbing

Chola Mountain, altitude 6,168 meters, is part of the northern section of the Sharuli Mountain Chain in the southeastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is located in Dege County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province. Chola Mountain is the closest accessible 6,000 meter peak mountain to Tibet while still entirely lying in Sichuan Province. Its surroundings, local people, and local culture feel entirely Tibetan. In the local Tibetan language “Chola Mountain” means the mountain where the eagle cannot fly. Its spectacular scenery is second to none in all of China’s six-thousand-meter mountain peaks. In the mountains surrounding the area, there are more than 20 peaks of more than 5,000 meters. Detailed information
Price: : dep on group size

Haba Mountain (5,396 meters/17,807 feet) Climbing Expedition (6 Days)

Mount Haba, located in Shangri-La County, Yunnan Province, is the third highest peak in Yunnan Province located at 5396 meters above sea level. Mount Haba is particularly well know for its breathtaking scenery. Rising high above the forests and grasslands below, its awe inspiring beauty has attracted thousands of visitors. It is an entry level high altitude climb and can be climbed throughout the year. Detailed information
Price: dep. on group size

Four Sisters Mountain Peak One (5,025 meters), Peak Two (5,276 meters), and Peak Three (5,355 meters) Expedition Plan

Four Sisters Mountain Peak One, Peak Two, and Peak Three are located in charmingly beautiful Northeastern Sichuan Province. Both Peak One and Peak Two are introductory high altitude peaks with moderate difficulty. Peak Three is a moderately technical high altitude peak. All conveniently located very close to each other and can be climbed on the same expedition! Once you have bagged all three you will have completed the Siguniang Hat trick! Detailed information
Price: dep on group size

Yu Zhu Feng Summits

Yu Zhu Feng, altitude 6,178 meters, is the highest peak in the eastern Kun Lun Mountains and located about 3 hours by car outside of Ge Er Mu (Golmud), in Qinghai, China. The climbing season is from May to October with the best time of year in July and August. Yu Zhu Feng is an ideal mountain for beginners. The mountain has two climbable slopes: the north slope and the south slope. The north slope of the mountain is in a wide flat that begins at 4,300 meters above sea level near the small village of Xi Da Tan. The north slope is good for technical mountaineers looking to practice their skills. As well, the north slope is good for those hoping to acclimatize and rest at Xi Da Tan before heading over to the southern slope. The southern slope of Yu Zhu Feng lies at an altitude of 5,050 meters. It is much more friendly for beginner climbers as the shape and formation of the glacier makes it an ideal place for first-timers and beginners to climb a high-altitude peak. Detailed information
Price: depend on group size
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