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China's most beautiful treasures are still unknown for the international tourist. And that's what makes it perfect. Mountain lakes, sea's of ice, mystical deserts, endless grasslands, spiritual kung fu mountains,... You can all find it in Mainland China and we love getting out there.
Badain Jaran Desert Caravan (Winter)
  • Travel season: Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb
  • Length: 6 days
  • Hike Level: 3 medium-strong
  • Hiking Distance: 65 km
  • Meeting point: Beijing South Airport
  • Price: 9500¥ :

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Badain Jaran (Badain Jilin) Desert Tour (Winter)

Spend 5 days hiking and camel riding in one of the world’s remotest places. While the camels carry our food and luggage, we  hike the dune ridges from oasis to oasis and cross mega dunes covered in snow. Seeing nonstop breathtaking views in one of the most deserted places on our planet is a once in a life time experience. This trip is fit for everybody with an adventurous spirit. We hike about 15km a day and if you’re tired you can just hop on a camel and wobble to the next oasis. During winter time the camels have a very thick fur so it’s like riding on a sofa through the desert.

China Adventures

China Adventures

“Badain Jaran desert is probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. With dunes like mountain ranges and over 150 oasis, this place should be listed in the top 3 of natural wonders of the world.” (Frederik Halewyck, hiking guide, world traveler and assistant for lonely planet Gobi Desert exploration 2010.)


Day 1: We take the 10:10 am flight from Beijing to Jinchang. From Jinchang airport, a private bus brings us to a restaurant at the border of the Badain Jaran desert. After a late lunch, we go for a stroll through the village, warm up again with a good local dinner, enjoy the last shower of the coming days and charge every battery we have.

*Note* if all timing and road conditions are perfect we might head strait into the desert as well 🙂


Day 2: The jeeps pick us up and our desert adventure begins.  Once we reach the mega dunes, we leave the jeeps and go hiking towards our first destination, our favorite cameleer Hassemong. The hike will take us about 3 hours and the jeeps will bring our luggage to Hassemong. We have dinner and stay overnight with our hospitable friends. Their house is simple but has everything we need. There are 4 rooms with stoves and beds with warm camel fur blankets.


Day 3:  Once the sun has risen high enough, our caravan starts a 15km journey to Lake Nuretu, the most beautiful lake in the Badain Jaran desert. The lake is surrounded by date trees and grass. Next to the lake, a few small houses are setup to receive visitors. After dinner, we can go to hike around and watch an amazing star filled sky.


Day 4: A 15-km hike and camel ride from Lake Nuretu to Badain Jaran desert temple. After a brunch, we saddle the camels again and head for Badain Jaran desert temple. This Buddhist Temple was built in 1868 on the lake shore behind a huge dune. Due to its location, it was spared from destruction by the wars during the waging time. The legend says that there is a well close to the temple where water starts pouring out when the monks chant around it.


Day 5: A 10-km hike and camel ride from Badain Jaran desert temple to Indertu. The hiking distance is a bit shorter as we are going to climb the world’s highest dune. Camels don’t really like summiting dunes so this one is on you. It will be a breathtaking experience in both senses of the world. The dune towers are 500 meters above its surroundings, so the views are almost unearthly. Hiking/jumping/sliding your way down from this mountain of sand is pure fun and and in no time, you will be sitting at the shores of Xiao Haize oasis sipping tea again.


Day 6: We  head from Lake Indertu to Beijing. Today we kiss our lovely long lashed desert companions’ good bye and switch back to the 4 wheels. We will experience a 3-hour thrilling jeep ride over the dunes and out of the desert. At 15:40, we will board the plane in Jinchang and we will arrive back in Beijing in 2 hours.


Note: The itinerary is subject to change depending on weather conditions (big snow), available accommodation with the locals, or join a local event. Our team will do our best to give you the best possible Badain Jaran desert experience.

China adventure

Badain Jaran Desert Hiking



Desert local Friend (guides & diver)

Desert Local Friends (guides)

Desert professional rider. Fan

Desert Professional Rider. Fan














Level 2-4:捕获1 Medium-strong

We rate this winter caravan level 2-4 since you can make it as hard as you please. If you hike all the way than it’s for sure a strong level 4 hike. If you want to take it easy or are not great shape you can hop on camel when we climb dunes or even hitch a ride with our follow jeep all the way to the next oasis.

Badain Jaran Desert Info

Badan Jilin (Badain Jaran) desert is China’s most beautiful desert. It is located in the northern part of Inner Mongolia’s Lashanyouqi, it covers an area of almost 47,000 square kilometers, making it the fourth largest in the world. The Badanjilin Desert is bounded to the north by the Gobi Desert; to the east by Mount Lang, to the outheast by Mount Yabraishan. In the northwestern part, there are about 10,000 square kilometers untouched by man. Even though it’s dry beyond imagination, without a drop of water, Badanjilin has 113 explored lakes providing homes for all kinds of aquatic birds. ...

Hiking location and meeting point:
maps   Badain Jaran winter map

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