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Yu Zhu Feng Summits
  • Summit altitude: 6,178 meters
  • Hiking Duration: 10 days
  • Hike level: 5 very strong
  • Climbing season: May to October
  • location: Ge Er Mu, Qinghai
  • Price: depend on group size

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Yu Zhu Feng (6,178 Meters) 

Yu Zhu Feng is the highest peak in the eastern Kun Lun Mountains and located about 3 hours by car outside of Ge Er Mu (Golmud), in Qinghai, China. The climbing season is from May to October with the best time of year in July and August.

Yu Zhu Feng is an ideal mountain for beginners. The mountain has two climbable slopes: the north slope and the south slope. The north slope of the mountain is in a wide flat that begins at 4,300 meters above sea level near the small village of Xi Da Tan. The north slope is good for technical mountaineers looking to practice their skills. As well, the north slope is good for those hoping to acclimatize and rest at Xi Da Tan before heading over to the southern slope. The southern slope of Yu Zhu Feng lies at an altitude of 5,050 meters. It is much more friendly for beginner climbers as the shape and formation of the glacier makes it an ideal place for first-timers and beginners to climb a high-altitude peak. The southern slope will serve as our playground as we set out for the summit of Yu Zhu Feng!


Although Yu Zhu Feng is one of China’s accessible commercial peaks, still the amount of oxygen in the air is low and adapting to the high altitude is difficult… Nonetheless, a high level of climbing skills is not needed and overall the mountain is very safe. Moreover, Yu Zhu Feng is prime staging grounds for practice to go climber higher peaks of 7,000 and 8,000 meters.



Fast Facts


Day 1:Meet in Ge Er Mu (Golmud)

Day 2:Transfer from Ge er mu to Xi Da Tan

Day 3:   Acclimatization day at Xi Da Tan

Day 4:   Transfer from Xi Da Dan to Yu Zhu Feng Southern Slope Base Camp

Day 5:   Acclimatization day at Base Camp

Day 6:Base Camp to glacier (altitude 5,300 meters) for training and return to Base Camp

Day 7:Base Camp to Camp 1

Day 8:Camp 1 to Summit, Summit to Base Camp, Base Camp to Ge Er Mu

Day 9: Contingency Day

Day 10:Leave Ge Er Mu




Expedition Plan

D1Meet in Ge Er Mu (Golmud), Altitude 2,800 meters

Meet in Ge Er Mu at our hotel, check into our hotel. In the evening meeting we will have a meeting to discuss the plan for climbing the mountain.

D2Ge er mu toXi Da Tan, Altitude 4,200 meters

Drive 2-3 hours by private transport from Ge er mu to Xi Da Tan. Acclimatize to the high elevation and enjoy the amenities (warm rooms, hot showers, and the grilled meat) of Xi Da Tan. Tonight we will stay at a local guesthouse.

D3Xi Da Tan, Altitude 4,200 meters

An acclimatization day in Xi Da Tan as we adapt to the altitude. In the morning, we will take an acclimatization hike to help our bodies adjust. In the afternoon, we will review our mountaineering safety techniques. Tonight we will again stay at a local guesthouse.

D4Xi Da Tan to Yu Zhu Feng Southern Slope Base Camp, Altitude5,050 meters

Drive 2 hours from Xi Da Tan to the Southern Slope Base Camp and continue adapting to acclimatize properly. Tonight we will sleep in a four season tent.

D5Base Camp (BC), Altitude 5,050 meters

A complete day to acclimatize at base camp. In the morning, we will take an acclimatization hike to help our bodies adjust. In the afternoon, we will do another review of our mountaineering safety techniques. Tonight we will sleep in a four season tent.

D6BC, Altitude 5,050 meters to glacier (Altitude 5,300 meters) for training

After breakfast we will climb to the glacier for training on how to use crampons, ice axe, and how to ascend the glacier. Tonight we will sleep in a four season tent.

D7BC to Camp 1, Altitude 5,600 meters

Climb from BC to Camp 1 in approximately 5 hours of climbing. After arrival prepare to go the summit the next day. Shortly after dinner we will go to bed to have energy to complete the climb in the morning. Tonight we will sleep in a four season tent.

D8Camp 1 to Summit (Altitude 6,178 meters), Summit to Base Camp, Base Camp to Ge Er Mu

Leave at 2 AM for a 6-8 hour climb to the summit. Return to Camp 1 and gather personal belongings and descend 3 hours to BC. After a short rest at BC, we will drive 3-4 hours by private vehicle back to Ge Er Mu for a night at the hotel.

D9Contingency Day

If everything goes well in the mountains, we will have the entire day to enjoy and explore Ge Er Mu. However, if we need additional time in the mountains due to weather, etc., we will use this as a contingency day.

D10Leave Ge Er Mu

You are free to leave Ge Er Mu at any time on this day.



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