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Hi, my friends. I am Heidi and I come from the beautiful grasslands of Hulun Buir, Inner Mongolia. Time has passed swiftly; another spring is coming. It has been 10 years since I first came to Beijing. Maybe you are like me, although there are so many drawbacks to live in Beijing, we still love her without knowing exactly why.

Like other “Beijing drifters” who come to Beijing with pure ideal in mind, I also experience similar bewilderment, exploration and anticipation. I have climbed mountains around Beijing over 500 times in the past several years and hiked a lot of the Great Wall around Beijing. I would love to go out and show you around the Great Wall, and explore some new places together.





Hey Travel people, I’m Fred and I was born in little Belgium. Like most of you, I ended up in an office spending most of my time dreaming about traveling. One day I bought myself a one-way ticket and ended up traveling and hiking for over 3 years. Zigzagging Asia in my journey and crossed China several times. I discovered China’s beautiful nature, interesting philosophy, culture and somehow weird habits.


I decided to stop traveling and settle for a while in Beijing. Also help Heidi exploring remote sections of the Great Wall. Now 7 years later, I’m still in Beijing and we are still guiding and exploring new hiking trails on the China’s Great Wall. For me, life in China is like a theater. Every day the red curtain opens and a new story is unfolding in front of me. Let’s enjoy tomorrow’s show together!






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John is a true nomad, feeling happy most of the time when he is out hiking over snow mountains across China. Chongqing is his hometown but he grew up in Chengdu. It’s always intriguing listening to John’s enticing stories because he has experienced so much during his 9 years of guiding people on the Great Wall of China, around the Xinjiang lakes, and across the mountains in Tibet and Nepal. John loves sharing his knowledge on Chinese Culture and history over bowl of spicy Sichuan food. Don’t forget to ask John to send you the pictures that he takes during your trip, since photography is one of his hobby’s as well.







Great wall hiking Guide

Xiaoyen / Jamie

Xiaoyen (Jamie) calls himself son of the mountains. He grew up in a small village between the hills on the border of Beijing and the Hebei province. We used to call him to pick us up from our exploring trips as he was the only one that could find the small trails where we were hiking on. Over time he became our good friend and impressed us with his knowledge of local fauna and flora.

Although he didn’t pay much attention in English class as a kid, he loves chatting and we see his English improving every day. He will show you the way on the wild Great Wall sections like Chen Castle, General Xu, Border Defense Great Wall and of course Wild Jiankou. As a local and our longest team member he knows the mountains better than anyone else.








hiking guide in Beijing

Colin is an avid hiker, outdoor enthusiast and adventure traveler and interested in just about everything.He was born in Canada and grew up in Toronto before first coming to China on a university exchange program in 2001. He has spent the past 14 years in China (8 years in Beijing) and fluent in Chinese. Colin has been guiding both Western travelers in China, and Chinese travelers on safari in Africa.

In addition of having lived in China for 10 years, Colin holds an MA in Chinese History, making him a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide! If you have any question about China he is the man to talk to. If don’t have accommodation in Beijing yet, you can also check out his cozy hutong house. It’s a nicely decorated studio with a walking distance from our meeting point.






Tom  is an adventurer at heart with a passion for the outdoors. With more than 10 years of experience trekking, climbing, camping, and exploring, he brings with him a world of knowledge.

In the outdoor world, he is most skilled in mountaineering, summiting more than 20 peaks above 5,000 meters (the tallest being Mt. Aconcagua, 6,962 meters). Fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, and Dendi (a West African language), 

Tom  will be your  leading guide on our mountaineering trips and main  instructor on our climbing trips in Beijing.












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Jiankou-Restored Mutianyu Great Wall Trekking 2 Days

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