Great Wall Camping

Take your favorite bottle of liquor and together with some good friends go and enjoy one of the best traveling experiences of your life. Camping overnight at the Great Wall, you can look up at a sky full of glittering stars. This nighttime Great Wall makes one feel like being in a cradle, its ancient body kindly embracing us. This place has seen the blood and tears of war, and also a thousand years of solitude. Perhaps like us, you are nothing but an adventurous, youthful vigor. Perhaps like us, you love to gaze at the shooting stars and tell stories till sunrise. In the morning you wake to another beautiful clear day, footprints and the echoes of laughter are the only things left behind.
5 Days’ Wild Great Wall Trekking Camping
  • Hiking Distance: 10-12km per day
  • Hiking Duration: 3-5h per day
  • Hike level: 4
  • Meeting time: 9:30 am
  • Back in Beijing: 1:00pm(after 4 days)
  • Price: 5000¥/829$

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5 Days’ Wild Great Wall Trekking Camping 

This is an amazing 50-km hike on the wild Great Wall of China. These sections of the wall are long forgotten & rarely seen by anyone. Apart from our starting point, we will most likely not meet a single other person. The trip includes the highest Great Wall watchtower of Beijing, 1000-year-old villages and of course miles and miles of Great Wall. Every day we will camp on or right next to the Great Wall, fall asleep next to the campfire and wake up with fantastic sceneries.


Day 1: Chen Castle Great Wall

Great wall camping Beijing

Great Wall Camping Beijing

Fast facts:

Pick up at the hotel at 9.30 am

Lunch at a local restaurant

3-4-hour hike/ 6km

Chinese BBQ for dinner

We will carry up our own camping gear

Camping on/next to the wall


From our pick up point in central Beijing
The 1.5 hour drive from Beijing will end deep in a valley filled with apple and pear trees. One of the few remaining families in the valley runs a small farmhouse where we will start with a good countryside style lunch.


After lunch, we start hiking past a small temple and go up to the hills for about 1 hour towards the Great Wall of China. Once we arrive on top of the Great Wall you’ll be delighted with the endless views.


From then on, it is a pretty relaxing hike on top of the Great Wall. As we walk on the wall over the mountain ridges, new section of the Great Wall keep unfolding. Because this section of the Great Wall has never been renovated, occasionally we will do side track a bit to avoid a few dangerous parts.


After medium ascend on the famous staircases, we reach the highest tower of this Great Wall. From this General Tower, you have excellent views on miles and miles of the Great Wall. From this view point, we mostly hike downhill. It’s a 1 hour hike towards our camping spot. The Great Wall is in its best shape and it is a good place for top classical pictures.


Once we arrive at the camping spot, we can set our tents on a flat section on top of the wall or next to the Great Wall. Once the tents are up you can choose to explore another part of the wall or just relax and enjoy the view while we prepare a Chinese BBQ for you. We will end this first night in style and have a beer around the campfire while watching the sun set behind the mountains.


Day 2: Chen Castle Great Wall to Long Valley Great Wall

Great wall hiking camping Beijng

Great Wall Hiking Camping Beijing

Fast facts:
We hike down with our backpacks & camping gear (1-2h)

Lunch at local farmhouse

6-7-hour hike/ 15km

Dinner cooked on wood fire
Camping next to Beijing’s highest Great Wall watchtower
After breakfast we pack our backpack and our camping gear, wave goodbye to the Great Wall and enter a little forest trail. A one hour hike in the shadow of the trees will bring us to stone valley where we can refresh ourselves and have an early lunch.


After lunch, we head for the mountains again. Our goal is the Beijing’s highest watchtower. A 1.5-hour hike through the forest brings us to the Wild Great Wall again. The trail is quite steep so we have a few stops here. We will reach the crumbled Ming Dynasty Wall at an altitude of 1000 meter. In the next 3 hours, we walk on top of the Great Wall and ascend another 500 meter before we reach our destination. At the start of the Great Wall and the watchtowers are crumbled and mystique. The last part of today’s hike is going to a strong uphill on the renovated staircases of the Great Wall until we reach Beijing highest Great Wall watchtower.


Right next to the watch tower we will pitch our tents. This camping spot is without doubt the most scenic camping spot Beijing offers. From our tents, we have a 360 degrees’ views of the never ending Great Wall. As usual we end our night with dinner and a campfire.
Day 3:Long Valley Great Wall to Border Defense Great Wall

hike the great wall beijing

Hike the Great Wall Beijing

Fast facts:
Hike down with back packs 5km / 1-2h

Continue hiking without back packs 4 km / 1-2h

Lunch is at a local farmhouse

Hike 8km (2-3h)

Camping next to the Great Wall in an Apricot Orchard

All camping gear delivered – BBQ dinner
Waking up early is a must today. The sunrise is just fantastic to be viewed in this part of the Great Wall. With a cup of coffee in our hands we will watch the nature waking up. We follow a gentle downhill ridge trail for about 2 hours till we reach an authentic mountain village completely build with the Great Wall rocks and bricks. It’s a hidden cultural gem where just a handful of people still live in a traditional way.


We keep walking out of the valley till we reach a small town with a long and important history. It used to be a walled village that functioned as reinforced gateway to Beijing. Here we will have lunch and have the possibility to freshen up again.


After lunch, we head for nature again. An easy 2-hour uphill hike through the forest brings us to the Border Defense Great Wall. We will have short hike on the Great Wall and head down into the next valley where we will camp in an Apricot Orchard. It’s a very beautiful place and you can go explore a nearby canyon while we prepare a BBQ and a campfire. However, it is a good idea to relax as next day awaits another highlight.


Day 4: Border Defense Great Wall to General Xu Great Wall

hike the great wall Beijing

Hike the Great Wall Beijing

Fast facts:
6-7hour hike/ 15km

Packed lunch

All camping gear delivered

Wood fire cooked dinner

Camping next to the Great Wall


Today we pack our lunch as we are going for a long hike all the way on a forgotten part of the Great Wall. It’s a 15-km hike on top of the Great Wall. Start with a good ascend and once we arrive at the highest point, we will follow trails on the Great Wall over the mountain ridges. In the distance, we can spot the highest Great Wall watchtower where we camped two nights ago. This section will be another highlight of this trip.


After a 6 hour hike we will reach the Yangbian Great Wall. A massive Great Wall built by General Xu as an example for all the Great Wall in Beijing. Our camping spot is a flat grass field right next to the Great Wall again. With cold beers and a dinner cooked over the fire we will celebrated our last night on the wall.
Day 5: General Xu Great Wall

Great wall hiking camping trip around Beijng

Great Wall Hiking Camping Trip Around Beijing

Fast facts:
2-3-hour hike/ 6km

Finish hike at 10.30am

Back in Beijing at 12.30
We will wake up with the early sunrise, and you can feel it shining in our tents. You don’t even have to get up for the sunrise as you are able to see it by just unzipping your tent.


Our final hike is beautiful. We will hike down for 2 hours on top of the mighty Yangbian Great Wall all the way to its lowest point. Here we say goodbye to the Great Wall and follow a tiny trail down the hill. We walk through the orchards till we reach a small road where our driver will be waiting to bring us back to beijing.

Level 4:捕获2 Strong
We rate this hike a level 4 (medium-strong) as its both days’ hike start with steep climbing on the Great Wall where it can be slippery sometimes. You should be all right if you have a normal to good physical condition, as we never rush during our hikes.


History of the Chen Castle, Beijing Highest, Border Defense, and General Xu Great Wall

There are two villages next the Wall, they are both called “upper hill Chen Castle village” and “lower hill Chen Castle village”. So the Great Wall in this section was named after the village, Chen Castle Great Wall. One may wonder if there is truly castle there. Actually, there were castles in the villages but they are all gone now.

Chen Castle is located in Huailai county, Hebei province. It connects north to the Badaling, and south to the General Xu Great Wall.

The Chen Castle Great Wall was built in the early Ming dynasty, about 600 years ago. It was the defense wall and protected the northern gateway of Beijing for over 250 years. The army of Lizicheng, the Nomad King who end the Ming dynasty, led numerous attacks to Beijing. As his army grew stronger, the imperial forces led by field marshal Sun Chuanting were getting weaker due to famine and disease. In 1644 Lizicheng succeeded in breaking the lines of the Great Wall at the Chen Castle and Humpback Great Wall, conquered Beijing and ended the Ming dynasty.

Emperor Chongzhen hanged himself on Coal Hill (Jinshan park) and was buried in Siling, in the Ming Tombs area. There his tomb is preserved in excellent condition and people...

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