Great Wall Camping

Take your favorite bottle of liquor and together with some good friends go and enjoy one of the best traveling experiences of your life. Camping overnight at the Great Wall, you can look up at a sky full of glittering stars. This nighttime Great Wall makes one feel like being in a cradle, its ancient body kindly embracing us. This place has seen the blood and tears of war, and also a thousand years of solitude. Perhaps like us, you are nothing but an adventurous, youthful vigor. Perhaps like us, you love to gaze at the shooting stars and tell stories till sunrise. In the morning you wake to another beautiful clear day, footprints and the echoes of laughter are the only things left behind.
ChinaHiking Founders’ Favorite Sunset Great Wall to Chen Castle Great Wall Camping (2 days)
  • Hiking Distance: 15km
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Hike level: 3 medium-strong
  • Departure time: 1:30 pm
  • Back in Beijing : 4:00 pm (day2)
  • Price: 1500¥/249$

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ChinaHiking Founders’ Favorite Sunset Great Wall to Chen Castle Great Wall Camping (2 Full Days

A fantastic 13 km of the beaten patch Great Wall camping trip where we pitch our tents on top  a recently renovated Great wall section with perfect sunset views of  Beijing highest Great Wall in the North and the Chen Castle General Tower in the east.

The afternoon start makes this Great Wall camping trip perfect for the hot summer months. Be sure to wear some sturdy boots on this trip though as on day 2 we go for a challenging 10 km hike on overgrown and crumbles staircases of the Chen Castle Great Wall

Get ready to pitch your tent right here on our favourite sunset Great wall camping spot

Get ready to pitch your tent right here on our favourite sunset Great wall camping spot


Day 1: Great Wall camping on our favourite sunset spot.

The secret Sunset Great Wall section is located about 15km north from the famous Badaling Great Wall. It’s a 2-hour drive from our  meeting point (Lama Temple Subway exit B) in Beijing

This Great Wall camping trip starts with a 30 minutes hike through an abandoned park followed by a 45 minute strong up hill hike through a dense forest. We pop out of the forrest and climb onto the Great Wall at the highest point of this Great Wall section and pitch  our tents on top of the Great Wall


sunset Great Wall to Chen Castle Great Wall camping

Sunset Great Wall to Chen Castle Great wall camping


While the guides collect firewood and prepare dinner, you can go explore more parts of the Great Wall. You will find more watchtowers and the famous 180 degrees Great Wall Turn, a perfect place for pictures.

sunset great wall camping

Sunset Great wall camping


The camping spot is very magical, having a view on the highest Great Wall in the north, miles and miles of Great Wall in the south and the Chen Castle General Tower in the east. We pitch our tents on top of the Great Wall and enjoy an excellent buffet style home cooked dinner.  We fill the evening with sharing stories around the campfire and fall asleep by counting the stars.

Great Wall camping in style. Pitching our tents on the Great Wall of China

Great Wall camping in style. Pitching our tents on the Great Wall of China


Day 2, Chen Castle Great Wall Hike 

If you’d like to see a wild part of the Great Wall, then Chen Castle is your destination. Chen Castle Great wall is a well-preserved part of the wild great wall that combines famous staircases and great views. Chen castle was once the gateway for the army of Li Zicheng, the  rebel leader who end the Ming Dynasty. Li Zhicheng tried to enter Beijing many times, but only succeeded by breaking the lines trough this Great Wall.  

Chen castle general tower. Our first goal on day 2 of this Great Wall camping trip

Chen castle general tower. Our first goal on day 2 of this Great Wall camping trip

After breakfast, we continue hiking on  the crumbled and overgrown Great Wall,

This section of the Great Wall has never been renovated, so once in while we must side track a bit to avoid a few dangerous parts. Every 20 minutes you get a new scenery enfolding on this hike.

After 3 hour hiking on the Great Wall we reach the Chen Castle  General Tower, the highest watchtower on this part of the wall.  The steep and  crumbled  staircases of this wild Great Wall are overgrown with bush and trees.

Great wall hiking trekking in Beijing

Chen Castle Great Wall Hiking

We keep following the wall as it goes slowly downhill over the mountain ridges.

A bit before noon we leave the Wall and follow a winding trail through a hills  till we reach a small farmhouse where we will have  a good countryside style lunch before we head back to Beijing.


Level 3:捕获2 Medium-strong

We rate this hike a level 3 (medium-strong) as  both days’ hike start with a steep climb on the Great Wall.  Both days we carry our camping equipment. The first day is short and easy hiking. On the second day the train is quit rough so be sure to wear good hiking shoes.


History of the Sunset Great Wall and Chen castle Great Wall

This section of the Great Wall was called Humpback (Luoguo Cheng), later the name changed to the Sunset Great Wall because the ChinaHiking founders found out this is a perfect and best location to watch sunset on the Great Wall.

It is located in Huailai county, Hebei province, west part of Beijing. Due to its geographical uniqueness, the direction of its mountain ridge,...


Hiking location & meeting point:

Abour 2 hour diver each way

About 2 hours drive each way

Detailed hiking route

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