Great Wall Camping

Take your favorite bottle of liquor and together with some good friends go and enjoy one of the best traveling experiences of your life. Camping overnight at the Great Wall, you can look up at a sky full of glittering stars. This nighttime Great Wall makes one feel like being in a cradle, its ancient body kindly embracing us. This place has seen the blood and tears of war, and also a thousand years of solitude. Perhaps like us, you are nothing but an adventurous, youthful vigor. Perhaps like us, you love to gaze at the shooting stars and tell stories till sunrise. In the morning you wake to another beautiful clear day, footprints and the echoes of laughter are the only things left behind.
Wulong Valley Great Wall camping (3days)
  • Hiking Distance: 30km
  • Hiking Duration: 3 days
  • Meeting time: 4 pm
  • Back in Beijing: 3am
  • Number of people: 4-10
  • Price: 2400¥/399$

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Wulong Valley Great Wall Camping (3 days)

Hiking the Wulonggou Great Wall is an amazing combination from Wild Great Wall, forest, small rivers, and fields with beautiful rock formations. In these remote mountains only shepherds and there flock roam and only few families live in these ancient mountain villages. It takes a 4 hour drive to reach this majestic great wall which makes it unspoiled and extremely well preserved.


Day 1 (4km)

4 hour drive to Wulonggou Great Wall.
A 2 hour hike up the Great Wall will reward us with a stunning sunset view on various parts of the Great Wall. This mountain ridge will be our place to camp the first night.



Day 2 (12km)


We hike walk for a while on the great wall and than go downhill towards a beautiful small river where we can refresh en refill or water bottles. A short but steep hike will bring up a magic long stretch of Great Wall. Most of this day we will do excellent hiking on the great wall, have lunch under some fruit trees and by sunset set camp in 1 of the watch towers.



Day 3 (10km)

Enjoy a splendid sunrize fro the highes point of this great wall and hike down trough mountain fields with beautiful rock formations. A steep downhill hike trough the forest will bring us to a small river in the valley where we can refresh and relax bit. From there we head for the train station and back to Beijing.

Day 4 arrive in Beijing at 3.30 am


How it works:

On the day of the Great wall camping trek we will bring a back pack filled with all camping gear (tent, mats, sleeping bag), food (dinner, breakfast) and water you need for this Great Wall camping trip.   All our camping gear is small and light. All the gear for 2 people will fit in 1 back pack. So 1 person can carry the gear the other person can cary your own day pack with personal things.

If you sign up as 1 person… same set up but obviously you can put your personal belongings in the provided the back pack .


What is included in the price:

All camping gear (tent, mats, sleeping bags),Food (lunch, dinner, breakfast) & water

Transport, guide, entrance tickets (if any)


What you should bring:

Comfortable hiking or sport shoes & long trousers.

For every 2 people 1 should bring a medium size day pack.
From October till April: warm clothes for during the evening.

From May till September: Sunlotion &  hat

All year round: your camera & your favourite drink for during/after dinner

Backgroud info:

Wulonggou Great Wall is situated on the bank of the Wulong River, which is 40 kilometers northeast of Laiyuan County. Being controlled by Zijingguan Lu, Zhenbao Zhen, it stood as an important pass of the Ming Wall. Swift current rushes forward and steep mountains stand around there. The 20-kilometer-long Wulonggou wall starts its way from Jinshuikou, Laishui County on the northeast to the southwest. It snakes with the lie of mountains, via Wulonggou to reach a small stream east of Suijiazhuang Village. The wall serves as a common boundary of Wulonggou and Futuyu Pass. Walls of Wulonggou and Xiazhujiaoshi are the best-preserved sections. Crenels of most sections have been preserved intact. The base is 4.55 meters wide and the top reaches 3.9 meters ...

Hiking location and meeting point:

3.5 hour diver each way

3.5 hour diver each way

janguomen subway1


Request open tour or private tour

Open tour 

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Are you an independent traveler that wants to keep the costs as low as possible?

Just let us know your favorite trip and starting date at least 6 weeks in advance and we will add your trip to our hiking agenda.

As soon as we have 6 people joining the trip we are good to go!


Private tour 

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Also for school trips or company team building activities, a private tour is the way to go.

We have experience guiding trips with up to 60 people from international schools and companies.

Price for private tours will vary depending on the number of people, the chosen transportation and accommodation.

Let us know your desires and we will customize a trip for you.

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