Great wall trekking

Embark on an experience of a life time and trek for days on the Great Wall of China. Longer treks give you the chance to see many different styles of wild Great Wall and restored Great Wall sections. All trips listed under great wall trekking are longer hikes where we stay overnight overnight at a local farmhouse. These trips are perfect for people who are up for a multiway trip but still like the comfort of a bed at night. The Great Wall treks are possible all year round and a good alternative for camping during wintertime.
Gubeikou Great Wall Trekking “Winding Dragon to Crouching Tiger Great Wall (2 Days)
  • Hiking Distance: 15km
  • Hiking Duration: 3-4h/day
  • Hike level: 3 medium-strong
  • Departure time: 9:30 am
  • Back in Beijing: 3:30 pm
  • Price: 1600¥/265$

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Gubeikou  Great Wall Trekking “Winding Dragon to Crouching Tiger Great Wall  (2 Days)

The 1460 year old Gubeikou Great Wall is made up by the Winding Dragon Great Wall and the Crouching Tiger Great Wall. It’s the oldest Great Wall around Beijing  and yet the numerous watchtowers are in great condition.  With it’s fantastic far views all the way till the Jinshanling Great Wall this trek is a one in a lifetime experience.  In 2 days we will hike both the whole Gubeikou Great Wall and stay overnight in a farmhouse surrounded by the Great Wall.

Fast facts:

Day 1:

9.30: Departure at  Lama temple     11.30: Arrive at Gubeikou Great Wall and have lunch     12.30: Start hiking

16.30: Arrive at farmhouse     17.30 : dinner

Day 2:

8.00: Breakfast        8.30: Start hiking    12.30 lunch at local farmhouse

13.30 drive to back to Beijing      15.30: Back in Beijing


Day 1:  Gubeikou (Winding Dragon)  Great Wall Hike

From our Lama Temple meeting point we  will drive out to the border of the Beijing and Hubei provence.  It is a 100 km drive that will take us about 2 hours. Our arrival point is a small folk village  where we enjoy with a good country side style  lunch.

 Great wall camping, Great wall trekking

Guebeikou Great Wall Camping

After lunch we will  follow a small trail for about 45 minute hike between the fields and trough the forest and up the hils until we arrive at the highest Great Wall watchtower of the Gubeikou Great Wall.  The view from this General Tower is  the first highlight of the day, a painting like view of the Great Wall winding over the mountain ridges as far as the eye can see.  On nice weather days we can see the whole Gubeikou Great Wall, the Jinshanling Great Wall and even the Simatai Great Wall. .


From this watchtower on we will walk on top of the Great Wall for about 3 hours passing numerous Great Wall watchtowers.  The hike itself is quit relax. There are no steep climbs and we will have plenty of time to take in the scenery and snap some perfect pictures from the rooftop of the old signal towers.

Just before the last intact tower we take a hidden trail trough the bush and field towards our farmer friends where we will spend the night. The rooms are simple and clean, the farmers super nice and the food just fantastic.

great wall hike Beijing

Gubeikou Great Wall Hike

Day 2: Crouching Tiger Great Wall  Hike

Today we start with breakfast on the terrace of our homestay with a view on the General tower of the Crouching Tiger Great Wall, our destination for today.

We hike for up for a good 2 hours till we reach the General tower. This part of the Great Wall and it’s watchtowers have been renovated 2 years ago and is now accessible for everyone.  Most of the restoration was done for keeping hikers like us safe. The watchtowers were still in excellent condition.  The   General tower build on top of Wohu mountain with high steep cliffs  on both is an exceptional peace of architecture. The views from this mountain top  give us an excellent chance to snap a last and maybe best picture of the whole area.

The  Crouching Tiger hikes finishes at Cultural heritage village where we celebrate our hike with a nice lunch in one of the village courtyard restaurants. With a happy stomach we drive back to Beijing.  By 15.30 we will be back at our meeting point in Beijing.

Wild Great wall hike

Great Wall Hike

Level 3:捕获1 Medium-strong

We rate this hike Level 3 medium. The first day there is only a short climb at the start of the hike. Once on top of the Great Wall there are only gentle climbs making the first day quit relax. The second day has a stronger climb  but the hike is not very far. Even if you don’t reach the top the views will be top and you can just take a rest and wait for the other to come back down. This makes this hike enjoyable for everybody with an normal physical condition.


History of the Gubeikou Great Wall

Gubeikou was originally named “Beikou”, which literally means “Northern Pass”, during the Tang dynasty (618-907), since it is the northern defensive line of Beijing. Later generations added “Gu” (ancient) in the front of “Beikou”, and meant “Old Northern Pass”.

Gubeikou Great Wall is located in Miyun county, 140 kilometers away from downtown Beijing.

Gubeikou was first built during the Northern Qi dynasty (550-557). In the early Ming dynasty (1368-1644), General Xuda was ordered to rebuild it. To enhance its defensive capability, more stones were add. Unfortunately, not many can be found today. The best-preserved is called...

Hiking location and meeting point:

Day 1 Gubeikou Great wall hiking map


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