Great Wall Trekking

Wild & Restored Great Wall Trekking Camping 

6 Days’ Wild & Restored Great Wall Trekking Camping 

  • Key Info
  • Discounts & Inclusions
  • Hiking Distance: 50 km
  • Hiking Duration: 4h-5h /day
  • Hike level: 3-4 medium to strong
  • Departure time: 9:30 am
  • Back in Beijing: 11:00 am (days 6)
  • Price: 6000¥

Meeting/drop off point: Lama temple subway exit B (How to get there?)

Day 1

Jiankou West Great Wall

Day 2

Middle Jiankou

Day 3

Gubeikou to Wild Jinshanling

Day 4

Jinshanling to Simatai

Day 5

Crouching Tiger Great Wall

Gubei Water Town

Day 6

Back to Beijing

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Jiankou West Great Wall Trekking camping


Fast facts:

Pick up at the lama temple subway exit B at 9.30 am

10月20号 早晨9:30在雍和宫地铁B出口 出发

Lunch at a local restaurant

11: 30午餐在怀柔当地的餐馆

4-hour hike/ 10km

下午一点开始徒步 ,4个小时徒步 大约10公里

We will carry up our own camping gear


Overnight at a farmhouse


From our meeting point (Lama Temple subway station exit B), we drive for about 2 hours till we reach the picturesque Dazhenyu village where we  enjoy a good farmhouse lunch in a yard  surrounded by chestnuts and with a view on the Jiankou Great Wall. Today we hike 8 km with a total ascend of 600 meters, so you need a fair bit of energy to make it to the top.

Our first Jiankou Great Wall watch tower of this trip

Our first Jiankou Great Wall watch tower of the Jiankou camping trip

Jiankou Great Wall hike is stunning from the first step and the higher we get the better the views over the surrounding mountains gets.

We follow an  uphill  trail through the bush for about 1 hour until we reach the Great Wall at the second beacon tower. During the first part of this hike, we will ascend about 500 meters. Once we arrive on the Great Wall, our uphill hiking is mostly done.

Great wall hiking, Great wall trekking

west Jiankou Great wall hiking

As the hike continues on top of the Great Wall, we enjoy fantastic views of famous Great Wall sections known as “The Wall Bow”, “Arrow Nock” and the “Beijing Knot”. We pass 7 beacon towers on this Jiankou Great Wall hike. The best-preserved ones are called the 5-eye watchtower and the Jade tower.


Jiankou Great wall trekking

Jiankou Great Wall Trekking


We climb the last watchtower to watch the sunset and make our way down to the valley towards our farmer friends for dinner and a good nights rest. The home stay is very nice with shower and toilets in the renovated rooms. The host are super friendly and their organic food comes straight  from their own backyard.

Day 2:Middle Jiankou . 中箭扣长城

徒步时间5 个小时

徒步距离 10公里


Today we make an early start and head for middle Jiankou . It’s a 5 hour trek with scenic views of the famous Jiankou ‘sky ladder and Beijing knot.

About 2,5  hour into the hike  we arrive at the “Beijing knot” where the Great Wall splits in 3 directions. One section leads southwest to the famous Jiayuguan Great Wall. The second Great Wall section extends all the way to the ocean and the 3rd Great Wall  goes North to Simatai Great wall.

From a distance this Great Wall junction looks like a giant bow, locals call it the silk bow.  After the Beijing knot the  most dangerous part of the Jiankou Great wall  will become visible,”The Flying Down  Eagle” .  Here the Great Wall is constructed on steep cliffs and looks like an eagle hurling down the mountains.

This section of the  Great Wall is  only reachable by rope ladders the locals call “the staircases to heaven”.  We leave this section to professional climbers  and make a short detour to the bottom of the sky ladder.  The hikes continues on top of the Great Wall towards the   “General guarded pass”.

The Middle Jiankou Great Wall trek ends at Xizhazi village where we have our dinner and stay overnight in a local guesthouse.


Day 3: Gubeikou to Wild Jinshanling Great Wall Trekking

第三天 古北口到金山岭未开发部分徒步


徒步时间 5-6个小时大约

可以选择露营或者住在当地的农家院, 如果选择露营这里不需要背着装备徒步。

Embark on a fantastic 13km Great Wall hike from the picturesque Wild Gubeikou Great Wall to the Wild Jinshanling Great wall.  From our super scenic camping spot we can watch the sun set and rise  over the Jinshanling Great wall, the Gubeikou Great Wall and see all the way to  Simatai Great Wall.

Jinshanling to simatai Great wall hiking, Simatai Great wall hiking

Jinshanling to Simatai Great wall hiking

After breakfast, we drive to the home stay  surrounded by the Gubeikou Great Wall. With a view on the Crouching Tiger Great Wall we enjoy a truly delicious organic lunch.

It takes us only 15 minute hiking up the hill behind the farmhouse to get on top of the Gubeikou Great Wall.  We hike from tower to tower and take breaks inside or on top of the watch towers. The rooftop breaks a great chance to take some awesome pictures of this 1400 years old section of the Ming Great Wall.

Great wall hiking , Great wall camping trip

Great wall hiking and camping trip

3 hours into the hike we arrive at the highlight of today’s trail, the Gubeikou General Tower. From this tower, you can see the “whole Gubeikou to Jinshanling trek” from the start to the end. On a clear day, we can even see the highest tower at the end section of the Simatai Great Wall.  Here we side track  around the restricted military section on  a beautiful  trail that meanders through farm fields and over the hill ridges next to the Wild Jinshanling  Great Wall.


Just when you think “we are in the middle of nowhere’ a small farmhouse appears. After dinner we pick up our backpacks with camping gear and hike up the hill for 20 minutes till we reach our camping spot.  The view from this camping spot is just magic, having a view over the whole Gubeikou, Jinshanling and Simatai Great Wall. Time to pop a beer ;-)


Day 4: Jinshanling to Simatai Great Wall Trekking

徒步里程 12公里

徒步时间6 个小时

We get up early in the next morning, have a good breakfast and head straight to the Great Wall again. A small trail will bring us back on the mountain ridge and within 15 minutes we are on the Wild Jinshanling Great Wall.  The 10-km long Jinshanling Great Wall shows us some amazing defensive features like barrier walls, battlement walls, watchtowers, gun emplacements, shooting holes, horse holes, horse blocking walls.


Gubeikou Jinshanling Simatai Great Wall camping.......... Hiking on the famous Jinshanling Great Wall


We hike on top of the  crumbled wild Jinshanling Great Wall for about 30 minutes till we reach at the most famous and best preserved section of the Jinshanling Great Wall. Here you can see how the Great Wall of China looked like during the Ming Dynasty.


The last part of our hike is all the way uphill again. We pass the General Tower with its intoxicating views over miles and miles of Great Wall as we make our way to  the last of the 67 watchtowers of the Jinshanling Great Wall.  We visit 4 more towers of the Simatai Great Wall and take a last spectacular picture of the Fairy tower, the highest tower on the Simatai Great wall.

A small trail through the forest will bring us to the end of the valley. An excellent lunch will fill our hungry stomachs and a few beers will quench our thirst.  After a late lunch 

 DAY 5  Crouching Tiger  Great Wall  hike

第五天 卧虎山徒步



A great wall hike on the rarely visited eastern part of the  Gubeikou  Great Wall.   Here the Great wall is vast, green en wild and it’s crowned with a beautiful 2 story watch tower.  The untouchable Fairy Tower lives a lonely life hidden on the cliff of Wohu mountain.


Great wall camping

As usual we have a good breakfast  at a local farmhouse before we start our Great Wall adventure.   From the farmhouse we   take an almost invisible trail  through the low bush towards the Great Wall.  The trail is only used by shepherds these days.  It will take us about 1.5 hour of uphill hiking till we reach the Great Wall.  A normal physical condition is enough to make it to the top.

Wild Great wall hike

Great Wall hike

A short walk on top of the wall brings us past a few strong intact tower and seldom seen round tower.  Here we will cross the wall and hike down for 1 hour trough the bush towards a tiny village at the other side of the mountain range where our driver will pick us up.   We go for lunch and take you on a short ride a short drive to Simatai and Gubei Water Town

Gubei Water Town surrounds the beautiful Mandarin Duck Lake Reservoir and leans against the Simatai Great Wall. Gubei Water town  is a replica of Wuzhen Water Town in the Southern China. Here you have free time to ride a boat on the small canals. The night  hike from tower 2 to 10  will be the grand finale of this trip



关于 古北水镇大家可以看一下这个视频了解一下,我们会在古北水镇渡过一个下午和晚上。



第6天 我们的司机会拉着我们回到北京 用时大约2个半小时 回到雍和宫地铁

Day 6: Back to Beijing.



Level 3: Strong

We rate this 6 days of Great Wall Trekking trip as level 3 so you will need a good condition to enjoy this trip. This multi day hike include steep climbs for some days. Be sure to bring good hiking boots as we will climb some crumbled parts of the Great Wall. There are no steep drop offs but people that have fear of heights might have difficulties at some points.

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