Great Wall Camping

Take your favourite bottle of liquor and together with some good friends go and enjoy one of the best traveling experiences of your life. Camping overnight at the Great Wall, you can look up at a sky full of glittering stars. This nighttime Great Wall makes one feel like being in a cradle, its ancient body kindly embracing us.

This place has seen the blood and tears of war, and also a thousand years of solitude. Perhaps like us, you are nothing but an adventurous, youthful vigor. Perhaps like us, you love to gaze at the shooting stars and tell stories till sunrise. In the morning you wake to another beautiful clear day, footprints and the echoes of laughter are the only things left behind.

An epic Great Wall trek that covers 5 fantastic sections of the Great Wall. We hike the amazing wild west section of Jiankou Great Wall and overnight at the farmhouse. Read more.
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Price: 6700¥/1108$

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An amazing 40km Great Wall trek on long forgotten and rarely seen wild sections of the wall. We will pitch our tents twice on the Great Wall and stay once overnight at a local farm house. After hiking this trail you can truly say you hiked China’s wild Great Wall. Read more.
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Price: 3500¥/580$

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