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      Yesterday it rained cat and dogs and whatever comes down from a beijing sky, but today we had a wonderful bright sky and we could enjoy splendid eagle eye views from the top of the Wohushan great wall.

      Our varied group of Chinese, German, Philiphino an Belgium started of in Gubeiko Village.  As we started our ascend of the great wall the seize of trees went down and so did their beloved shadows  (it was hhhhot).  The low bush tried to hide the trail up the wall but as usual Heidi had no problem with that.  1 hour later we were already enjoying a sweet lunch in a well preserved watch tower.

      With new strength we could now enjoy a relaxing walk on top of the wall.  Just now and then a little climbing work, but that’s how we like it right? A smooth downhill hike brought us right back in the village where the local farmers welcomed us with a friendly smile and some sweet apricots.  On the way back we bought some honey from a  bee farmer  and …got some more apricots…

      It was a Great day. Nothing can beat a good hike, in a beautiful place with a small group of super friendly people. Thanks guys, hope to see you soon!

      Heidi & Fred

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