Important Information

Important information about our trips and answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Comfortable hiking or sport shoes and long trousers are recommended.

For every 2 people 1 should bring a medium size daypack.

Your camera & your favourite drink for during/after dinner.

Toilet paper and flashlight

From October till April: warm clothes for during the evening.

From May till September: bring sun lotion & hat.

You can reserve your place for the trip by clicking on “join this trip” and filling out our online booking form.  You will receive an automatic reply with an overview of your reservation and a link to PayPal.  You can follow the PayPal link and instructions and make your online payment.

If you live/work in China than pay trough WeChat as well.

Kids younger than 18  receive 10% discount.

Members receive 20% discount.

Kids younger than 7 receive 50% discount.

English speaking guide.

All camping gear (backpacks, tent, mats, sleeping bags).

Food (lunch, dinner, breakfast) and water.

Transport, guide, entrance tickets.

Cancelation made by the participant more than 1 week before the trip will entitle the participant 100% refund.

In case of cancelation by the participant 7 days or less before the trip there is no refund but you can reschedule your trip to another date.

If a trip gets canceled due to unforeseen circumstances (very bad weather, closed trails, heavy pollution, not enough people signed up for a trip or other acts of god) you will of course get a 100% refund.

In case of rainy weather we might change the location of the hike.

If the weather is too bad for camping, we will go hiking but stay overnight in a farmhouse.

All  hike levels are described for people with an average, healthy physical condition.   Hikes become harder during the hot and humid summer months and easier during the cooler and dry winter, spring and fall months.  All our hikes are done at a relax pace  that gives you time to enjoy the scenery and take pictures.


Level 1: Easy-Medium

Most day hikes will be listed as level 1. These day hikes will be 3-4 hours hiking trips with moderate climbs.  An average physical condition is enough to enjoy these hikes. Usually kids older than 7 are ok with these hikes.  Camping trips with a level 2 mark will always have the camping gear delivered.

Level 2: Medium-Strong

These are hikes where you need a  good physical condition. Hikes marked as level 2 are usually long day hikes or day hikes that include a steep uphill hike and/or trails where you need some balance. Usually kids form the age of 10 are ok with these trips.

All camping trips where you need to carry the camping gear are listed as medium strong.  If you have a strong partner who can carry the camping gear for you than you can join even if you only have an average physical condition.

Level 3: Strong

Challenging trips for people in good shape.  Compared to the level 2 trip these trips often include longer hikes and may include more challenging trails where a good balance is needed.

Level 4: Very Strong

On the Level 4 hikes we climb mountains from 3500 and 6500 meter. For these trips you should have a very good physical condition.


For our Beijing Great Wall hikes:

Make sure you are wearing comfortable walking shoes, hiking shoes are even better.

It is a good idea to wear long trousers as many hikes go trough low bush.

Beijing has warm and humid summers. Dress and pack light during these months. Don’t forget to bring sun lotion and a hat.

Winters are cold and dry. Warm and windproof clothes are excellent during the winter months. During snowy days we will bring crampons that you can slide over your shoes so you can hike safely

Spring (April) and fall (October) are very short so follow up closely on the the weather during these months.

For our China Adventures

Check the recommendations listed on the trip info

For all hikes we provide walking sticks and simple crampons to slide over your shoes in case of snow.

For camping trips we provide all camping gear and back packs.

Our mats are self inflatable, small and weigh about 800 grams.

Our backpacks are strong and comfortable 2kg / 65 +10l backpacks from Kailas or Berghaus. They are large enough to fit all camping gear for 3 people.

We offer 1, 2 and 3 person tents. Most of the tents are from the Kailas brand and they all weigh under 2 kg.

Our sleeping bags are high quality. Our winter sleeping bags are comfortable till a temperature of 0 degrees. The summer sleeping bags are comfortable till a minimum temperature 8 degrees.

We take care of all food and water. For all trips it is a good idea to bring some energy snacks like nuts, chocolate, candy, energy bars, dry beef, etc. For camping trips you favourite drink for during/after dinner is recommended.

You need to have travel insurance when you engage in our activities. Organizing this insurance from your own country is the best choice as China has different rules

If you don’t have any insurance yet you can request a quote from our insurance partner Worldnomads

All our trails are chosen for their beauty and most important for their safety.

All our guides receive a yearly  first aide refreshment by a professional foreign doctor.

Our guides and drivers are always connected with each other and the mountain rescue teams with long range walkie talkies.

We have an excellent understanding with local people that are always willing to support and help us in case of problems.

Our guides always carry a first aid kit and a stretcher for emergency situations.

Open tour means that we put your favourite tour on the agenda. Our hiking prices are calculated on a minimum of 6 people. If you re only one or two person than the cost of the trip will be higher. If you put a tour on the agenda (1 month in advance)than other people can join your tour and the price will be as mentioned on the website

Write us an email with your wishes and expectations and we will assist you in making the best choice. Or just have a look at our pictures. Most locations show pictures in all four seasons.

Of course you can. We have been hiking with people from 3 to 80 years old and they all loved it. The Great Wall of China is accessible for everybody!

Meeting point:   Lama temple Subway exit B 

This subway station is conveniently located in the city centre on the Junction of Subway line 2 and 5

If you come by taxi you can show them the following address in Chinese :  B 出口, 雍和宫地铁站 (Line 2 /5  )





If you come by foot or missed subway exit you can take this map as a guide line.




Unsure about the Beijing subway? No worries! The subway is super ease and convienent

Have a look at the video below shows you how to buy a ticket and how to navigate the the subway all the way to the meeting point.


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