Great Wall Camping

General Xu Great Wall to Border Defense Great Wall Camping

Trek the Great Wall of china for 2 days. This 20km hike is the most wildest part of the Great Wall around Beijing, also one of the most beautiful ones. There really is no better place than this General Xu Great Wall to set up your tent and enjoy dinner with a bottle wine. Next day we continue hike on the Great Wall for another 4 hours.

  • Key Info
  • Discounts & Inclusions
  • Hiking Distance: 20km
  • Hiking Duration: 2 days
  • Fitness level needed: 3-4
  • Departure time: 9:30 am
  • Back in Beijing: 7:00 pm (day 2)
  • Price: 1500¥/249$

Meeting/drop-off point: Lama temple subway exit B (How to get there?)

Day 1: General Xu Great Wall

Hiking distance: 6km / 3h

Camp beside the Wall

Incl. meals: lunch, dinner

Day 2: Border Defense Great Wall Hike

Hiking distance: 14km / 6h

Incl. meals: breakfast, late lunch


Wild Great Wall

Authentic farmhouse meals

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Camping at the Great Wall (General Xu section) 

Explore with us a fantastic stretch of Great Wall build by General Xu in the Ming Dynasty as an example of how all the Great Wall around Beijing should look like. This 12 km hike includes fantastic mountain and lake views, a 1000 year old mountain village and off course the mighty Yangbian Great Wall. This off the beaten path trip has been a top notch experience for many of our guests.

General Xu Great Wall trek

General Xu Great Wall trek

For this trip we drive about 2 hours North West to the Hebei province. A farmhouse at the foot of the hills is our first stop. The farmer/great chef will cook us a delicious lunch and will bring the camping gear to our camping spot. Yes no need to carry anything on this camping trip.

An 1 hour hike through the brush and on a gentle slope brings us to the Great Wall. We take a short brake and prepare for 2 hours gentle uphill hike on top of the Great Wall. There are a few parts where the wall is crumbled so make sure to wear some sturdy boots. The higher we get the more fantastic the views get. At the highest point of the day, about 1000 meter above sea level, we have amazing views over mountains, lakes and miles and miles of Great Wall.

From the start of the hike it takes us about 3 hours walking to reach our camping spot, a nice flat field right next to the Great Wall. If you still have energy you can continue hiking for a bit till the next view point where you can see the Border Defense Great Wall curling over the mountain ridges. Or… you can relax with a beer and wait for our home cooked meal to be delivered. We finish the evening watching the sunset and share brave stories and drinks around the bonfire.

The early morning sun will shine right in your tents and the smell of coffee will lure you out. We have breakfast pack our gear and start hiking the Great Wall again,  the  little van from village will coming up the mountain to pick our backpacks

Day 2: Border Defense Great Wall Hike

This 14km Great Wall hike, one of the most beautiful trail. Today most time will be hiking on top of the Great Wall. The hike will be 4 hours. This is Beijing’s most wildest Great Wall, the style of each part of the Great Wall is sometimes very different, because each section of the Great Wall built in different time  and they have different engineers, and this part of the  Great Wall most of the Walls built by using stones from  this mountains.

After 3-3.5 hours hike we will  follow a small path down to the valley and hike another hour in the valley until we reach a little bigger village road, then our diver will be there wait us with maybe cold beer.

Border Defense Great Wall Hike

Border Defense Great Wall Hike

Level 2: Medium-Strong

Physically we can rate this hike as a level 2 hike as we don’t have to cary any camping gear for the trip. The hike does go over quite some crumbled Great Wall sections so you do need good shoes and balance to enjoy the hike.

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