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Gobi Desert Expedition: The Remote & Unusual

This 9 day excursion will take you to some of the most remote parts of the Gobi Desert, which few tourists ever see. This will include Khermen Tsav (the ‘Grand Canyon of Mongolia’) and Bijegt Khaad, an ancient petroglyph site. This is the true Mongolia experience.

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  • Travel season: April - Oct
  • Group size : 6 people
  • Distance covered :
  • Length: 9 days
  • Hike Level: 3 medium-strong
  • Price: 10300¥ / $1495

Meeting/drop-off point: Alaanbatar Airport

Day 1 -3:




Day 3- 5

Khermen Tsav canyon

Day 6:

Bijegt Khaad

Day 7-9

Drive back to Ulaanbatar


True Mongolia off road experience

Khermen Tsav Canyon

Bijegt Khaad petroglyph site

Upcoming trip:

Detailed Itinerary

Are your ready to head off, where most fear to tread, into a remote part of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert? If you’re already nodding ‘Yes!’, then this is the trip for you.

This 9 day excursion will take you to some of the most remote parts of the Gobi Desert, which few tourists ever see. This will include Khermen Tsav (the ‘Grand Canyon of Mongolia’) and Bijegt Khaad, an ancient petroglyph site. These areas see perhaps 100 to 150 tourists a year, due to their remoteness and how inhospitable they are for most of the year. We’ll be staying in tents and bringing absolutely everything we’ll need to survive on this expedition, as there is literally no tourist infrastructure whatsoever where we are going. Please note that travel times in our vehicles are lengthy and it’s almost all off-road. This is the true Mongolia experience.

Following is our planned itinerary in more detail. Please note, we reserve the right to adjust the itinerary at any time in the interests of safety or to improve the experience. Please note also that any travel in Mongolia is a real adventure. Whilst we wish to make your experience as comfortable as possible this itinerary includes many nights camping and long hours in our vehicles. We think the adventure is an important part of the experience, so expect to get a bit of sand in your shoes!

Day 1.

Depart from Ulaanbaatar. We’ll assume you’ve gotten yourself cleaned up and rested and are ready for a few days without a shower. We’ll head south after breakfast towards Dalanzadgad, a provincial center and staging area for our journey. After about a 7 hour drive on mostly paved road, we’ll check into our ger camp for the evening. Simple, but comfortable accommodation with a great vibe.

Day 2.

It’s summer, so it will be hot. After all, it’s the Gobi Desert. We’ll head west across the Gobi to Gurvantes, the last human settlement on our way to Khermen Tsav. Today will be a long day of off road driving. We’ll plan to tent camp in the evening.

Day 3.

Arrival to Khermen Tsav canyon. Driving in from the start of the canyon system, things just get more and more steep and impressive. Sunrise and sunset here are incredible for photos! Tent camping.

Day 4.

Spend the day hiking in and around Khermen Tsav’s canyons. Explore what we believe to be an ancient fossilized seabed and maybe even get lucky enough to spot some dinosaur fossils. Photo ops abound. Climb 250+ foot tall sand dunes and look to spot one of the areas few residents, a wolf we saw once on a previous trip! Tent camping near the canyon’s edge.

Day 5.

We’ll spend the morning doing some more hiking and exploring of Khermen Tsav, including checking out the “Sphinx”, a natural rock formation in the area, reminiscent of Egypt’s Sphinx. Then we’ll head out towards the NE. We’ll see how far we can get today towards Bijegt Khaad, a remote mountainous area that is Mongolia’s largest ancient petroglyph site. Tent camping along our route.

Day 6.

We should arrive to Bijegt Khaad buy mid-afternoon and can spend the rest of the day here, exploring, climbing and photographing the many ancient petroglyphs at one of the most special places in the country. We’ll drive out of the canyon before dark and find a good spot to pitch up for the night.

Day 7-8.

Drive back towards Ulaanbaatar. Depending upon conditions, we will either travel past Khongor Sand Dunes on our way to the paved road or take a more NE heading to an area called Khogno Khan, which has some great dunes, monastery ruins and hiking opportunities. We expect to arrive to Khogno Khan or Dalanzadgad by late in the day on Day 8 of the trip. Tent camping or ger camp accommodations.

Day 9.

After a relaxing morning on site, we’ll head back to Ulaanbaatar, deliver you to your hotel for a good cleanup and rest, then meet you in the evening for a farewell dinner.

Travel Details

Pricing for the Gobi Desert Add-On “The Remote and Unusual” Tour is inclusive of all in-country Mongolia travel, 1 night hotel stay after Day 8 of the itinerary, all countryside accommodations, meals and transport. Tents & sleeping bag will be provided. Tour participants must provide own personal equipment, clothing, exposure protection and personal effects.

Dates:  TBA or by Group Request                                                    Cost: $1495.00

Group size will be limited to 4-6 travellers.  We want to provide you with an adventure and as such, we are keeping the group small. We require a minimum of 4, but once our 6 participants are confirmed, this tour will be closed.

Your backup crew will consist of an experienced tour leader / guide, driver and cook to care of you during your journey.

**We strongly recommend that our clients purchase travel insurance to cover any unexpected trip interruptions.

Evacuation Insurance

Our experience in Mongolia has taught us that having Emergency Evacuation and Medical Insurance is an absolute necessity.  There are several providers we are familiar with, which service Mongolia adequately.  These include Global Rescue and International SOS. You must get us your insurance details in advance of the trip, as we will have them on file in advance with SOS, the local provider for most evacuation and initial medical care situations.


Global Rescue   website:                             phone:    +1 617 459 4200

Int’l SOS             website:                         Contact though website

Level 2: Easy Medium

We give this trip a Medium rating as most of the hard work is done by the jeeps. Do keep in mind that we are driving through very rough terrain where we have to bring everything thing we need as we are going completely off road so despite the easy medium level you do need an adventurous mindset.

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