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      The summer rain has arrived in Beijing and in no time the landscape surrounding the mountains carrying the Great
      wall changed dramatically. The dry yellow mountains made place for a lush green landscape.

      We made or way trough the farm fields where the first corn started coming up. A short climb and we reached the Yuan Dynasty Great Wall. This 1000 year old wall is just made of earth. 500 years later, during the Ming Dynasty, this wall was fortified with bricks. As we continued or hike the Winding Dragon Great Wall became bigger and bigger and half an hour later we could see the farm where we had lunch far beneath us.

      During our walk on the Great Wall we found some old pottery and and saw salamanders hunting for ants that where hiding under some of the Ming Dynasty roof tiles. The Dandelion where dancing with the wind throwing their seeds over bypassing caterpillars and grasshoppers. Life is definitely different on the mountains around Beijing than in the city.

      Hiking in Beijing

      Hiking in Beijing

      Visiting the Great Wall is a must when you re in Beijing and hiking on top of it a great experience. But while you’re there…don’t rush. Go and sit on top of one of the watch towers watch the amazing scenery and all the small life it hosts. It will give you without a doubt a very special feeling.

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