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      April was a month where we went to Gubeiko Great Wall quit a few times And every time it was completely different.

      The second week of April is the week where everything is changing in the mountains around Beijing.

      A few days later we were hiking on the same Gubeikou Great Wall…. This time the sun was shining and the hills were filled with white  Apricot flowers.

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      Gubeikou Great wall hike in April

      great wall hiking, great wall trekking; great wall camping

      Gubeikou Great Wall hiking 1 day

      Again a few days later the Apricot flowers where almost  gone and and the strong wind give us rapid changes between sunshine and clouds   during our hike from Gubeiko to Jinsanling.

      Gubeikou to jinshanling Great Wall hiking

      Gubeikou to jinshanling Great Wall hiking


      Yesterday we went back again to Gubeiko Great wall and this time the sky was so clear we could see as far as the eye could reach impotenciastop.pt. In this area of the Great wall that means that the landscape becomes so picturesque that it feels like you’re walking in a movie scene.


      As you see this is  times the same hike in the same month and yet every thing was so different each time we went there. Collors changed form yellow to white to green to blue….  a slow painter would have a hard time keeping track I guess 😉






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