Unforgettable: Sunset and stargazing at the Great Wall

From KatrinaWang    Oct 01 2019
This trip was perfect! Fred lent my husband a warm dune jacket before we headed off... Which was useful in the cool October nights! The guide Jimmy knowledgeable and well equipped, he taught us much about the history of the wall. The meals were fresh from the field and delicious. He made sure travelers got to try homemade dumplings for breakfast...

Experience of a Lifetime!

From Jenae N    Sep 29 2019
I tried to write a review immediately following our adventure but I don't think it ever posted. Wanted to try again because I think everyone should consider making this part of their trip to China. We had 2 young kids with us Barely 6 and just turned 8) and while the hike ended up being a little more demanding than we anticipated, it was totally...

Great hiking on the Great Wall!

From Simon C    Sep 28 2019
During our 4-weeks self organized tour of China we booked a 1 day hiking on the Great Wall with ChinaHiking. We decided for the Gubeiku section, which is one of the oldest ones. It was a perfect choice for us: we walked for about four hours on the Great Wall, and for all this time no one else but our small group of eight people was there! As far...

Astounding Trip

From Stefan K    Sep 27 2019
We got lucky and got almost every type of weather available, the views were incredible, you had to stop every 500 meters to admire it from a slightly different angle, the wall is indescribably beautiful.
The tour guides and company were fantastic and provided everything necessary.
So good I'm planning on doing it again.

Amazing experience. Very well organized

From Antonio S    Sep 18 2019
Maybe the best experience I have ever done in my life! Sleeping on the top of the great wall, inside a tower, is an amazing experience. Thanks to the guide Jimmy, very professional!

Highlight of my trip

From bertram750    Sep 11 2019
This was the highlight of my trip to China. Being able to hike and camp at the Great Wall, with our excellent guide Jon, was nothing less than stellar. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who is seeking an adventure. The meals were also wonderful, and Jon looked after us too. Truly remarkable!

Wonderful way to see the Great Wall

From wsimondson    Aug 31 2019
Hiking and camping along the unrestored parts of the Wall was a fabulous way to see the Great Wall. A well organised tour with very friendly guides which was loved by our family of 5.

Beautiful hike in a small group

From tije123    Aug 30 2019
Our hike was brilliant. Beautiful surroundings, no tourists, small group - highly recommended. Our guide Chong is an amazing guy! Well organized trip!

Brilliant hike and camp

From JMSoon    Aug 27 2019
Thank you so much to Jimmy and Dana for the hike and camp. Saw a shooting star at camp and will always remember the beautiful experience of watching the sunrise over Great Wall.

Experience of a Lifetime

From MossysTravels    Aug 19 2019
Possibly THE highlight of our trip to China. Our guides Dan and Jimmy were friendly and informative. The food provided was fantastic and plentiful. The hike was tough at times, mainly due to the late July heat, but absolutely amazing. We were a group of 7 and didn't see a single person until the end of the hike on Day 2. We had the wall and its ...

A sublime moment

From Amira P    Aug 18 2019
This team was recommened by a friend. When she knew that I planned to visit China she told me that I have to contact this team and just close my eyes and let them organise my advanture.
Our day on the great Wall was a fabulous moment! We were alone with the wall.
The guide (Wilson) was charming, taking all the necessary time and answering all ...

Best experience in China!

From Amber B    Aug 03 2019
Had an absolutely amazing time! This hike was incredible and to get to camp on the Great Wall was one of my favorite experiences in China. Our guides were great and so fun, loved everything about this trip!

Fantastic Experience

From Ambassador548793    Jul 26 2019
My two-day trip to the Great Wall was the highlight of my three-week trip to China. The first day on the "wild" (unrestored) wall consisted of unforgettable views, each better than the last, and we didn't encounter a single other human being the entire day. It was tough going in the heat, more than five hours with elevation gain and loss the who...

Amazing experience, dedicated personal

From Beeonic    Jul 16 2019
They will go out of their way to make your hike an experience you’ll never forget. They are very kind, accommodating and efficient. I highly recommend them. (I rarely take time to write reviews but they were just so exceptional!)

Highlight of our trip to China

From SukyDee    Jul 12 2019
A well organised tour that was worth every penny. We felt like we were in safe hands in an area that we wouldn’t have normally ventured into. Steep climbs and rough terrain but nothing too difficult for fit over 60s. Our guides were good company and very professional. The food was wonderful and, of course, The Wall! Breathtaking! Totally recomme...

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