Outstanding off-the-beaten track Great Wall hike/camp experience!

From kiwigal Australia    Oct 27 2014
Ventured off with 9 of us in total on a journey to a section of the Great Wall rarely accessed by the public. We stopped for a delicious lunch at a local residence near by then head a short trip to our starting point. Loaded up with approximately 12-13 kilos in my backpack(tent, sleeping items & water provided by vendors & my belongings) we trek...

2 Day Camping on the Gubeikou Jinshanling Great Wall

From johns Columbia    Oct 27 2014
I did the 2 day - camping trip to the Gubeikou Jinshanling section of the wall ( a "wild" section) Heide and Fred are excellent! The entire trip was excellent and no worries about communication, payment or me no speaking any Chinese! - Thanks Fred and Heidi for a memorable experience.

Visited August 2014 / source: tripadvisor

Exactly what you are looking for!

From bohdans    Oct 27 2014
If you are not the type of person who wants to run through the Great Wall with million other tourists, take two pictures and rush back to Beijing, then the China Hiking tour by Fred and Heidi is what you are looking for. We had two amazing days with magnificent scenery, authentic local food and great guide. Seeing the sunset and sunrise from the...

Really unique experience

From Peter Australia    Oct 27 2014
I was afraid of the over touristy experience on the wall (e.g. Badaling), and was recommended Fred and Heidi's business as a result. The experience was fantastic. The whole day felt completely unique in that we had the section of wall almost entirely to ourselves, and the day was well organized. It was a long drive in the morning, which at times...

Good hike and nice people, certainly worth the price...

From gustavog Spain    Oct 27 2014
As one can read in other reviews, Fred and Heidi are specialized in non-standard hikes
to the Great Wall. 

We had a beautiful 3-4 hour hike in an area they called General Xu Great Wall,
a part of the Yangbian Great Wall in the border of Hebei and Beijing provinces, 
near the village of Dayingpan.
A very isolated spot, only reachable by car and ...

Great day hiking the wal!

From Togoman China Shanghai    Oct 27 2014
I'll keep this short because I feel that the other 5 star reviews have already said it best, but I had a great time hiking the wall -- it was my third time -- and I'm already looking forward to my next visit. Thanks guys!
Visited June 2014 source: tripadvisor


From Tom England    Oct 27 2014
This company is also known as China Hiking. We did the 2 day hike / 1 night at HumpBack (unrestored part of the Great wall). Our guide, Fred, was knowledgeable and friendly. The days ran smoothly and professionally but with a relaxed and chilled atmosphere. We went at our own pace and stopped to take photos when we wanted. The lunch was excellen...

Great family day!

From Hkalisher    Oct 27 2014
We spent the day hiking the Gubeikou Great Wall (Winding Dragon) with Heidi last month and it was definitely a highlight of our three weeks in China. It was perfect for our family as we really enjoyed getting away from the crowded tourist sights and into nature. My kids Jordan (10) and Tamar (8) really enjoyed the home-cooked food at the local h...

Unique adventure!

From Karina Canada    Oct 27 2014
Having only a few days in Bejing, we had limited time to see the Great Wall but wanted to do it in a unique way. This tour appealed to us, as it takes you through a mostly tourist-free portion of the wall, and offered overnight camping accommodations (the tent, sleeping bag and mattress were provided), which allowed you to maximize your experien...

A Great wall to see the Wall

From Sara    Oct 27 2014
I went on a one day wall trek with Heidi. It was an amazing experience. The group was small - there were only nine of us. The trip started with a huge banquet at a local farmer's house. The walk along the wall was very beautiful and we only saw a couple of other people while we were walking. If I went walking on the wall again I would definitely...

Camping on the Wall... My favorite experience in China!

From nick Texas Austen    Oct 27 2014
We had an incredible overnight trip to the Gubeikou section of the Wall, and it has definitely been my favorite experience in China so far. So nice to get out of the city, out of the smog, and see some green space!

Our guides were wonderful company, and arranged everything perfectly. The hike was gorgeous, the campsite was incredible (amazing v...

Absolutely Amazing

From Absolutely Amazing    Oct 27 2014
Had an absolutely amazing time with Fred and Heidi. Went on a total of 4 trips with them and had a blast on each. I have been to many places but this experience is certainly one that will stick with me for the rest of my life.
Visited October 2014 source: tripadvisor

an adventure to remember

From UitOostende Belgium    Oct 27 2014
It has been almost a year since I went hiking and camping on the great wall but it is a memory that i will treasure. Heidi and Fred are really nice and really open. Fred is from Brugge (Belgium) which is very close to my hometown. The experience to go on the wall and don t see any other tourists is really unique. The views are breathtaking. The ...

An Amazing trip

From guyp    Oct 27 2014
We took a group of 13 hiking on the Great Wall at Jinshanling Gubeikou to celebrate a summer of volunteer work. It was simply fantastic. Camping was awesome - we got a clear night full of stars. Our guides were friendly, informative, helpful, and just plain fun to hike with. The views were amazing. The food was some of the best we'd had while in...

I will remember this forever!

From Cara    Oct 27 2014
I've enjoyed visiting tourist sites in downtown Beijing, and even another portion of the Wall that was thoroughly reconstructed, but this trip to the Wall was the most rewarding by far! Myself and my friends were constantly in awe of the beauty of our surroundings and had a wonderful time visiting an authentic part of the Great Wall. We truly en...

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