2day hiking/camping trip

From zoerreler Zurich, Switzerland    Oct 27 2014
This company now goes by the name "China Hiking" - they are the same people.

We took the 2 day tour with camping on June 7/8 2014. It was an absolutely phantastic experience! Left Beijing around 10 am and arrive at the trail head around noon. After a pleasant lunch in a village restaurant we started climbing up a small path until we reached the...

Hike @ Chens Castle 21st MAY 2014

From varna Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia    Oct 27 2014
What more one could expect for a last minute booking? 

Prompt response ! Very informative ! Reliable ! Well-coordinated ! Readiness to be of help ! FredHeidi and the Team made my first trip to China a memorable one's no doubt ; I was a lil hesitant with the whole hiking plan , dragged my friend along and we had a great time. Met new friends and...

Good Times!

From Jason American    Oct 27 2014
Fred and Heidi are awesome! I have gone hiking with them 5 times, each time to a different part of the Wall, and have enjoyed myself each time. The nice thing about these excursions is the ability to get away from the crowds and to see the actual Wall, not the replica they built 30-years ago. If you want to see the Wall, this is the way to go. A...

Great trip

From Julio Vancouver, BC    Oct 27 2014
We did an overnight trip to Chen Castle and had a great time. There were about 12 of us total (half doing a day hike and half staying the night) and we didn't see anyone else on this section of the wall all day. I've been to three other great wall sections with hired drivers before and all of them were swarming with people.

Fred and Heidi were ...

A different visit to the great wall

From Micha Oslo, Norway    Oct 27 2014
In late May my travel partner and I decided to sign up for a two day long hike to the great wall through dandelion hiking. On beforehand we had few expectations, and we were a bit afraid that we wouldn't get what we paid for. Luckily, it turned out to be amazing and it was truly the highlight of our stay in Beijing! Our guides, Jan and Erhu, wer...

“Great way to see the wall!”

From LMHBT    Oct 22 2014
Joined a 2 day hike and camping trip with Fred and Heidi over the October holiday. The whole trip was really well organized, from food and gear to the transport. Great to see more remote parts of the wall where you don't have to share it with hordes of other tourists. The view was spectacular, the food was great and Fred and Heidi do everything ...

“Special kind of trek”

From Chiifen    Oct 22 2014
Trekking and camping on the Great Wall is in itself an invaluable experience, for reasons that are pretty self evident. Fred and Heidi give this trip a special, personal touch with their open hospitality, keen knowledge of the grounds, and kinship with the locals.

The one night trip consisted of a couple of hours of trekking through the woods ...

“2 days hiking on Gubeikou Great wall”

From Catherine    Oct 22 2014
It was a unique experience and just what I dreamed off: walk on the Great Wall and surroundings in parts not spoiled by tourism, in a small group. Everything was well organized, no rush, time to enjoy the scenery, very good meals and nice people. I recommand it warmly.

“Great camping trip - with kids!”

From TRTL    Oct 22 2014
In July we did the overnight Great Wall hike with Fred and Heidi. It was just a wonderful and great experience. The part of the Great Wall was spectacular, and truly wild. Certain sections are nothing for the faint-hearted, but our kids had great fun. The organization of tents and sleeping bags was just great. Fred even made it possible for my w...

“Best experience on our trip”

From Twinsen    Oct 22 2014
Me and my girlfriends hiking trip with Fred and Heidi to the wall were simply the best day out of our 7 days in Beijing.
We were picked up at a central metro station and had a 2 hour drive to a part of the wall. We then had lunch at a local small city. After lunch we climbed a somewhat steep mountain to get to a wild part of the wall. The 4 hou...

“Outstanding off-the-beaten track Great Wall hike/camp experience!”

From Brisbane, Australia    Oct 22 2014
Ventured off with 9 of us in total on a journey to a section of the Great Wall rarely accessed by the public. We stopped for a delicious lunch at a local residence near by then head a short trip to our starting point. Loaded up with approximately 12-13 kilos in my backpack(tent, sleeping items & water provided by vendors & my belongings) we trek...

“Vistas worth the hike! A great, friendly fun experience for all”

From Bnny Beijing, China    Oct 22 2014
I have just returned from a hike with Dandelion Hiking (left Saturday morning, back Sunday afternoon well in time for work). Wow!There are no criteria to adequately describe the excellence of this experience,
however for the benefit of people wishing to take a trip, I have broken down my
review into sections that u might want to know:

“Exactly what you are looking for!”

From benarent Dublin, Ireland    Oct 22 2014
If you are not the type of person who wants to run through the Great Wall with million other tourists, take two pictures and rush back to Beijing, then the China Hiking tour by Fred and Heidi is what you are looking for. We had two amazing days with magnifique sceneries, authentic local food and great guide. Seeing the sunset and sunrise from th...

The best trip ever :)

From Diana, The Netherlands    Sep 30 2014
At the last moment I decided to join the camping trip... But was one of my best decisions!! It was a beautiful climb and when we got up the view was amazing, the barbecue was very nice. Fred and Heidi are very nice people, it's nice to see that they also enjoy the tours very much. The tents and sleepingbag are very good. Think this was one of my...

The Amazing First Hike for My Son

From Lily and Lang    Aug 29 2014
My six-year-old son had been to Beijing multiple times, but I had never taken him to the Great Wall as I wanted to wait for a perfect opportunity for him to see the real Wall,not the Wall crowded by tourists. And this camping trip was the perfect trip I had been waiting for! This was my son's first serious hike. Due to the weather, I had to s...

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