A must-do to truly explore China!

From enniferlan, New York City    Jun 18 2011
Had a great time with Heidi. She's a wonderful, sweet, patient guide. We went to see a part of China that I had never seen before. It was great exercise, and the pictures I took were beautiful. It was great to meet people from all walks of life. If you are considering a hike with Dandelion, DO IT!!

Remarkable, Unique, Special, and Intimate! When you hike the Great Wall with Heidi it is nothing short of Amazing!

From Sully Tianjin, China June 18, 2011    Jun 18 2011
She will take you on an incredible hike. You will not see a touristic location trafficked by thousands of others during your trip. You will see the unrestored, untouched, natural Great Wall. You will also see some of China's most beautiful northern countryside.

In addition to a great trip, Heidi will see to it you are well taken care of. My w...

Nature and history, free of the crowds.

From Mike-OWaterloo Waterloo, Canada    May 13 2011
If you like hiking and camping in a stunning and unique natural and historical environment that is off the beaten track and free of crowds, with easygoing and helpful guides, book this trip. I won't repeat what the others have already said about our awesome 2-day hiking/camping trip to the Winding Dragon part of the Great Wall: just read the rev...

I am more than pleased to support Heidi

From Lana Mcdonald    May 03 2011
Heidi was introduced to me by a friend here in Beijing, China. Since that time I have personally experienced one of her tours, and have never hesitated to arrange for other friends and visitors to join her adventures. Heidi’s specialty is finding great spots to hike and enjoy nature in the Beijing area, especially on unrestored portions of the G...

I met Heidi by one of my best friends Frederik

From Thomas    May 03 2011
Last Sunday, February 27th 2010, we hiked together with a nice American and Chinese guy on the Great Wall. It was a wonderfull experience. We had lunch at a local farmer. The lunch was delicious and the farmer family pure in every sense of the word. The hike was a big experience, specially with the snow. I recommend everyone visiting Beijing or ...

The best tours are with Heidi and Fred

From Nathalie J. Gent, Belgium    Apr 11 2011
I did two tours with Fred and Heidi last week and they were splendid!
A hike on the wall with no tourists, fabulous view and excellent food.
Because the first hike was such a success, i signed up for a second one. Totally different but also excellent.
If i go back next year, i want to sign up for the one in the dessert. Fred and Heidi are the...

Awesome Experience on the Great Wall

From DanTWH Adelaide    Apr 03 2011
We were looking to go to the Great Wall minus the crowds and tourist trap. And we found this Dandelion Hiking. The hiking and camping trip with Fred and Heidi to crouching Tiger Great Wall was an amazing experience for me. They are such a wonderful guide. We started the hike sometime after lunch and the hike (pace) was good and rewarding when we...

The great wall was a great experience

From mornien Warsaw, Poland    Oct 06 2010
We've met Heidi through a friend and decided to trek along the Great Wall with her as a guide. We've heard that many parts of the great wall are very touristy and visiting them may be annoying. Heidi took us to the 'wild' parts of the wall by public transport which was an adventure on it's own. We then ate some delicious food at her friends plac...

thumbs up

From Phonpho Hanoi    Jun 20 2010
Interesting route. Awesome guide, she's really care about you and your experience and will try to do her best to make your trip enjoyable.

hike with Heidi in Beijing

From Ken    Apr 09 2010
My name is Ken, I’m from Ireland. I came to Beijing in 2006 to Learn Chinese and got acquainted with Heidi through doing language exchange. I have proved Heidi to be an honest and reliable friend. Two years ago Heidi started her own tour guide business, taking people to wild parts of the Great Wall, countryside, Desert trails etc. Unexplored by ...

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