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Haba Mountain Summit Expedition

At 5396 meters (17,807 feet) above sea level, Haba Mountain is snow-capped year round and a popular mountaineering destination in Yunnan province. A great introduction to high-altitude mountaineering for beginners and experienced mountaineers alike, the climb is non-technical but nonetheless a significant challenge. Summiting Haba Mountain requires much physical and mental stamina but offers tremendous rewards!

  • Key Info
  • Discounts & Inclusions
  • Summit: 5,396 meters
  • Trip Duration: 5 days
  • Hike level: 4 Strong
  • Season: all year
  • Depature time: 8 am
  • Price: 6500¥/ $965$

Meeting/drop-off point: hotel in Shangri La and Lijiang

Day 1: Shangri La (3160 m) – Haba Village (2600 m)

Day 2: Haba Village – Haba Mountain Base Camp (4100 m)

Day 3: Haba Base Camp Acclimatization Day

Day 4: Haba Base Camp – Summit ( 5396 m) 

Day 5: Haba Base Camp – Haba Village – Lijiang or Shangril La


Summit a 5396 metre peak!

Enjoy jaw-dropping panoramic views!

Challenge yourself physically and mentally!

Experience a pristine alpine environment!

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Detailed Itinerary


Haba Mountain


Haba Mountain is glaciated but the route we take to the summit does not require crossing crevasses. Mountaineering experience isn’t necessary but climbers should be in good physical condition and be comfortable hiking on snow and rocky terrain. Ropes are not required but crampons and ice axe are mandatory and can be provided, if needed; our guides can also happily provide instruction in their use.

Setting out from base camp at 4100 metres, it’s a long and winding but straightforward ascent on low-angle rock leading to a 40 degree snow slope beginning at approximately 4900 metres; this is where we stop to take out our ice axes and put on our crampons!

After stepping onto the permanent snow-cap, it’s a straight shot to the summit but don’t expect the last few hundred metres of elevation gain to be easy!  Climbing in crampons on hard snow is surprisingly strenuous, even on a relatively mild slope. As we approach the summit, you’ll definitely begin to feel the altitude and find yourself needing to rest frequently to catch your breath. For those determined to push onwards and upwards, the rewards of standing on the summit of Haba Mountain far outweigh any of the hardships endured in the process of getting there.  

Day 1:Shangri La (3160 m) – Haba Village (2600 metres

We pick you up at your hotel in Shangri La at 9 am and drive 3 hours to Haba Village. At an altitude of 2600 metres, Haba Village is the setting off point for the trek to Haba Mountain base camp (4100 metres).  After checking into our guesthouse in Haba Village, we have lunch and then go on a leisurely hike around this scenic mountain village and the surrounding countryside.  In the evening we have dinner and then get to bed early in preparation for tommorow’s high-altitude hike up to Haba Mountain base camp.

Day 2Haba Village – Haba Mountain Base Camp (4100 metres)

After a hearty breakfast, we set off at 9 am for the long hike directly from our guesthouse to Haba Mountain base camp. We first pass through a beautiful old growth forest before arriving at a grassland where we stop for a picnic lunch and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The hike to base camp is about 6 to 7 hours on foot or 3 hours by horse (horse rental is not included in the trip price). After hiking steadily uphill for roughly 11 kilometres, with 1500 metres of elevation gain, we finally arrive at base camp. We take a much deserved rest and enjoy a hearty dinner before bedding down for the night. Haba base camp consists of basic but comfortable mountain huts made of stone and wood with shared dorms, outdoor toilets and no electricity.


Haba Base Camp (4100 m)


Day 3: Haba Base Camp Acclimatization Day

Today is an acclimatization, rest and info day. We get up early and go over our summit plan and gear check. If necessary, guides will also provide basic instruction on how to use an ice axe and crampons.  In the afternoon you can rest or go for a short hike. In the evening, we have an early dinner and get to sleep right afterwards as tomorrow we rise way before the roosters for the most exciting part of the expedition!


Day 4Haba Base Camp – Summit ( 5396 metres) 

The day we all have been waiting for: summit day! We leave base camp at 4 AM and must arrive at the summit before noon. After enjoying breathtaking views at the summit, we head back down the mountain to base camp. Depending on the condition of all climbers and the weather, we either spend the night at base camp or continue down to Haba Village and sleep in a guesthouse.


Standing on the summit

Day 5Haba Base Camp OR Haba Village – Lijiang (2400 metres)

After breakfast, we either hike down from base camp to Haba Village and then provide transportation to Lijiang, or if we already arrived at Haba Village the previous evening we will provide transportation directly from Haba Village to Lijiang.






On a clear day, the summit of Haba Mountain offers expansive and breathtaking panoramic views for hundreds of kilometers. Other snow-capped mountains that can be seen from the summit of Haba Mountain include the enormous multi-peaked massif of neighbouring Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, located just across Tiger Leaping Gorge, as well as the spectacular 3 Sacred Peaks of Daocheng County in Sichuan province, and even the Meili Xueshan massif on the Yunnan-Tibet border; this latter massif is home to Yunnan’s highest peak, Kawagarbo (6700 m) קרא כאן.


Important notice:

The altitude and ever-changing weather on Haba Mountain can present even experienced climbers with difficulties. It is recommended to budget one or two extra days to acclimatize or wait-out bad weather at basecamp if necessary.  Please note that the trip package is for 5 days; any extra days will be charged separately on a day by day basis.  

This trip begins in Shangri La, at an elevation of 3160 metres.  It is advised that participants spend at least one night in Shangri La prior to the start of the trip in order to help with the process of acclimatization.

We will provide a detailed gear list of recommended and required items that each participant should bring with them on this trip.

Hike level 5

Haba Mountain is a great entry level high-altitude climb for beginners and experienced climbers alike. Those in good physical condition and with hiking experience are welcome to climb Haba with us. During the trip, our guides will provide basic mountaineering training to help enable all clients to have the best chance of reaching the summit.

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