A 14 km hike trough trough the green hills from Jieshi Village to Lingshui Village with a cave temple visit on the way. It is a great combination between out doors and ancient Chinese culture.

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  • Hiking Distance: 15km
  • Hiking Duration: 4-5h
  • Fitness level : 3
  • Departure time: 9:30am
  • Back in Beijing: 1 PM (next day)
  • Price: 1200¥/ 190US$

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Detailed Itinerary

Jieshi Village to Lingshui Village hike (2 days)

This beautiful mountain hike will bring us to the 1000 years old Lingshui village. From the bustling Beijing metropolitan  our driver will bring us to Jieshi cultural  Village where we will have lunch in a local courtyard.After a little stroll through the village  we ll start with our 13 km hike that will bring us past  an old cave temple and over the green hills surrounded with steep mountain slopes.Before we enjoy an excellent dinner at in one of the old houses of the village you ll have plenty of time to absorb the history, the temple with wall paintings,old propaganda or tai chi posters. A relaxing overnight stay in this quiet village  is for sure an interesting get away from crowd y Beijing.

Visit Beijing Lingshui village

Visit Beijing Lingshui village

History of Jieshi Village & Lingshui Village:

Jieshi Village, a ancient and supernatur History of Jieshi Village & Lingshui Village :all village, surrounded by green mountains, with an elevation of 600 meters, is located at 100 kilometers west of Beijing . There are so many beautiful stories about this village, which was built at late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty. It is said that three officers appointed by Emperor were in favor of the geom antic omen there and brought their family and belongs to this place, digging the well building the house, and settled down there. Judging from tablet inscription, among those family with

distinction identity, there are Gao, Yu and He three family, they separately have been officials and Prefect, Sheriff and member of Imperial Academy. Their ancestral grave were built magnificently, but for many years, never seen anybody sweep these tomb sites, and more surprising, currently there is no one in the village whose surname is Gao, Yu and He. What happened to these three family, why they disappeared? There are three Chinese Scholar trees over thousand year history and 72 wells with cold and sweet water. 59 well-preserved courtyard dwellings can be seen in the village. There are less than 50 families, most of them are aged.


Hiking location and meeting point:
About 2 hour diver each way

About 2 hour diver each way

Jieshi to lingshui Village hiking  map: 碣石-灵水

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