A very nice 9 km hike over the green hills of Mount Gujishan to the 1300 year old Lingjiu Temple. A nice family friendly trip that combines culure and nature.

  • Key Info
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  • Hiking Distance: 9km
  • Hiking Duration: 3-4h
  • Fitness level needed: 3
  • Meeting time: 9 am
  • Back in Beijing: 7 pm
  • Price: 600¥p.p(all.incl)

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Detailed Itinerary

Beijing  Mount Guji & Lingjiu Temple  hike

Visit Beijing’s oldest temple. Hidden in Guishan Valley this 1300 year old temple rests in a perfect Fen Shui Area.This hike goes over some easy hills trough a beautiful landscape. If the weather is good we ll have some lunch on the mountain, if not some good old farmer food will fill or stomach.

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hiking through Beijing’s oldest temple

Level 2:捕获 eaysy – medium

+-3 hours hiking trips with a few climbs and trails might be slippery at times. An average physical condition is required. Usually kids older than 6 are ok with these hikes. When camping trips are marked as level 2 than camping gear is delivered at the campsit


What is included:

Transport, guide, lunch


What you should bring:

Comfortable walking shoes & your camera.

History of Mount Gujishan:

Temple of Soul Condor, a Yuan Dynasty style architecture, is located at Guijishan Mountain. There are quite a few historical sites on Gujishan Mountain. The mountain was said, to be a good geomantic place in ancient times. As for the Temple of Soul Condor, only the East Hall was left. “The other part was fired into ashes by Japanese” said an old temple keeper. Many Pilgrims from different place traveled to this temple. It is said that wild boar appeared in the mountain, and leopards and black bears once ate sheep from this village. The program 4 Rule of Law on Current Affairs has reported this issue.


Hiking location and meeting point:

Abour 1.5 hour diver each way

Abour 1.5 hour diver each way

Mnt.Guji  & Ling jiu Temple  hiking  map:


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