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Mongolia: Khövsgöl Province Packrafting Expedition

A 10 day of the beaten path pack rafting adventure starting in Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaatar. Experience level 3 to 5 rapids on the Delger Murun River. and take in dramatic mountain scenery, rolling Mongolian steppe and stunning lakes. Camp along the riverside, ride horses and climb a vulcano on this of the beaten path adventure

  • Key Info
  • Discounts & Inclusions
  • Travel season: Summer
  • Group size : 6 people
  • Length: 10 days
  • Rafting distance : 100 km
  • Hike Level: 4 Strong
  • Price: 19500¥ / $2850

Meeting/drop off point: Alaanbatar Airport

Day 1: Ulaanbaatar

Morning info session

Day 2: Bayanzurkh

flight or drive to Murun

Qidan ruins and extinct vulcano

Day 3-7: Rafting

Upper to Middle Delger Murun river

Class 1 to 3 rapids

Day 8-10: Lake Khövsgöl

Boating/ hors riding / diving

Back to Ulaanbatar


5 days pack rafting

Riverside camping

Beltesiin Gol Canyons

extinct volcano climbing

lake visit and horse riding

Upcoming trip:

Detailed Itinerary

If you have ever wanted to take part in a truly off the beaten path expedition and would like to see some rarely seen parts of Mongolia, we have the trip for you next summer!

This region is far from the well traveled tourist routes, ensuring real adventurers will leave Mongolia with the knowledge that they’ve truly done something special and rare.  Starting from Mongolia’s capital of Ulaanbaatar, we’ll take in dramatic mountain scenery, rolling Mongolian steppe and stunning lakes as we make our way towards the mountain town of Bayanzurkh in Khövsgöl province. From there, with special border area permissions in hand, we’ll head towards the Russian border and get as close as is possible along the Delger Murun River.

Following is our rough itinerary in more detail. Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to adjust the itinerary at any time in the interests of safety, to see as much of the region as possible, or to chase after the occasional crazy adventure we may hear about along the way.  Whilst we wish to make your experience as comfortable as possible, this itinerary will definitely include nights of rugged camping, long hours in our vehicles and lots of time on the water. We think the adventure is an important part of the experience, so expect your boots to get muddy!

Day 1.

Ulaanbaatar – We’ll plan to meet in the morning, grab a coffee, break out the maps to go over our route plan and then take care of any last minute purchases, stock up on hard to find supplies, etc. We’ll plan to have dinner together at one of the nicer places in the city, since things from here on out may be a bit more… rudimentary.

Day 2.

Destination: Murun  Due to expected scheduling of domestic flights, participants of the June trip may drive to Murun if flights have not yet started. The trip will take a day and a bit and along the way we’ll stop to hike an extinct volcano as well as stop to see ancient Qidan ruins. We should get to the quaint mountain sum (village) of Bayanzurkh before nightfall on Day 2. Here we’ll get to see some pretty stunning little canyons along the Beltesiin Gol, which flows through Bayanzurkh and into the Delger Murun river. This confluence pictured on top of page 1.

Day 3.

Let’s get to the river!  We’ll have at least half a day of rough off roading to get to our starting point on the river.  It will be well worth it, as we’re going where tourists simply don’t venture due to the complete lack of tourist infrastructure. The plan will be to prep all of our gear, cross the river and hike upstream into uncharted territory for us. This is not just to say we did, but to give everyone some practice and finish the day in a beautiful spot where we still have our vehicle for support if needed. Congratulations! First day on the river and you’ll have already become the first people to packraft this section of the Delger Murun. Dinner and camping near the river bank.

Day 4 – 5.

Rafting the Upper Delger Murun.  During this time of the year, we expect the river to average a fairly good speed because of the snow melt upstream.  We’ll encounter Class 1-2 rapids and possibly a few Class 3 sets as well. It’s bound to be beautiful, interesting and exciting. We can stop during our journey for photographs or exploration of any unique sites along the way. After two days and 45-50km on the river, we will meet our drivers, resupply and overnight near the confluence of the Delger Murun and Beltesiin rivers. Potential for some stunning sunset photography around Bojoo Rock if the timing works out.

Day 6.

Rafting the Middle Delger Murun. As you’ll see, this river just keeps getting better. We expect to be able to stop and hike the remains of a winter glacier as well as have several opportunities to explore one or two of the many caves we’ve spotted in this region.  The river here also changes quite dramatically. Depending on water levels, we can expect numerous class 2 and some class 3 rapid sets.  In many places, boulders are strewn across the river, creating a unique look, a great obstacle course and stunning photographic opportunities. We’ll see how far we get this day and find a comfortable place along the bank to pitch up, cook dinner and spend the night under the stars.

Day 7.

For our final planned day on the river, we’ll raft a section of constantly changing scenery, which has numerous Class 2 and a few Class 3 rapid sections that are sure to keep your attention.  From steep cliffs to broad valleys, a secondary river confluence, sandy beaches and a river which varies between a slow gentle drift and technical maneuvering in rapids around partially submerged boulders, this last day on the river will both excite and tire you out. Our plan is to meet our drivers at a predetermined exit point by early evening. Here we’ll enjoy a good meal, conversation, a relaxing time around the campfire and a good night’s sleep. During the last two days, we’ll have covered another 65-70km of river.

Day 8 – 10.

It wouldn’t be right to come so far and not get a chance to see Lake Khövsgöl. Located just a few hours away, this lake is the largest volume lake in Mongolia and contains nearly half a percent of our planet’s fresh water supply! It is one of 17 ancient lakes in the world and is stunningly beautiful. We’ll take you to one of our favorite tour camps and plan to get some boating in during the afternoon, weather permitting. There will also be opportunities for hiking, horse riding and even diving (if you’re certified). We’ll take a day to relax and then get underway for Ulaanbaatar on Day10. We’ll enjoy one more night of camping, arriving on Day 11. Once we get back to UB, we’ll enjoy taking you for a delicious farewell dinner.

*This is how the organizers expect this expedition to proceed.  Appropriate time has been included to investigate nearby sites which we may spot along the way.  Let’s make a few stops to hike, explore and make some new discoveries together!

Travel Details

Pricing for the Khövsgöl Packrafting Expedition is inclusive of airport transfers, all in-country land travel, domestic flight from Ulaanbaatar to Murun (if available), 2X nights in a guesthouse or tourist class hotel in Ulaanbaatar and all countryside accommodations, non-restaurant meals, use of Alpacka packraft, paddle & life vest. Tent and sleeping bag will be provided. Expedition participants provide own sleeping pad (if desired), specialty clothing, wet or drysuit (if desired), drybag and personal effects. Alcohol – We think it’s best if you let us know what you like and we can quote having your favorite drinks available. ‡ Tents are individual. Hotel rooms are based on double occupancy. Single supplement available for $250.00.


Our 2020 river pack rafting expeditions will be limited to 6 adventurous souls. We are keeping the groups small and looking for the type of people who want to unplug from the world, have fun and relax.  Adventurous spirit? Low maintenance? Packrafting lover?  Then this trip is for you!  This ain’t no tour bus bouncing around the countryside, but fear not, we’ve got your back. Your backup crew will consist of experienced tour leaders, guides, cook (during days when we meet our vehicles), drivers and translator to be there for you during the journey.  Just be ready to pitch your own tent!

*Discount of $350 available if you supply your own packraft, paddle and flotation gear. There will be a $500.00 equipment deposit required upon arrival, held for the duration of the trip. This will be returned immediately upon our return to Ulaanbaatar, assuming all equipment accounted for, with no damage beyond normal use.

**We will be offering a very reasonably priced add-on for those who might want to stay in Mongolia longer and explore the Gobi after our rafting trip concludes. A couple of itineraries are available. Please send us an email for more details if you’re interested.

Roundtrip Airfare to UB – What to expect

Typical RT international airfare during the summer months falls into the $700.00 – $1500.00 range (as of 7/10/2018).   Please ensure your arrival date is the date you intend before purchase, due to International Date Line considerations. We are happy to assist in making travel arrangements if needed. For those traveling through China, be aware that 72 hour visa free transits are permitted in Beijing and Shanghai for many nationalities.

Evacuation Insurance

Our experience in Mongolia has taught us that having Emergency Evacuation and Medical Insurance is an absolute necessity.  There are several providers we are familiar with, which service Mongolia adequately.  These include Global Rescue and International SOS. You must get us your insurance details in advance of the trip, as we will have them on file with the local provider.


Global Rescue   website:                             phone:    +1 617 459 4200

Int’l SOS             website:                         Contact though website


Level 4: strong

We give the trip a level 4 rating as you need a good physical condition and an adventurous mindset to keep enjoy 7 day of intense physical excercise in a row

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