A long hike to an isolated part of the Great wall hidden in long grass. The 7 towers will be our camping spot after a hike trough the green hilss. Extra's are a small canyon and the biggest mountain of Beijing.

  • Key Info
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  • Hiking Distance: 20-24km
  • Hiking Duration: 7-10 h
  • Meeting time: 9.30 am
  • Back in Beijing: 4 pm(next day)
  • Number of people: 4-10
  • Price: 1050¥p.p.(all.incl

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Detailed Itinerary

7tower Great Wall+Ling Mountain camping (2days):


This isolated part of the Great Wall is covered with high grass and trees. Even from the top of the mountain it’s hard to spot these well preserved Great Wall watch towers. This camping trip starts at the 1000 year old Baiyu village. Hiking towards the mountains we’ll walk trough a really cool canyon. Have Lunch on a scenic spot with the view on Beijing’s highest peak (LingShan 2303m)


The camping spot will be next to one of the 7 watchtowers. Next morning the hiking die hards will have a chance to scale Beijings highest mountain. If you’re not a real early bird than you can take a relax walk down for a couple hours and wait for the drive to bring us back to Beijing.

Ling Mountain camping

Ling Mountain camping

Historical background:

The 7 Towers Great Wall is the most western part of the Beijing great wall and ends up in the Ling Mountain cliff strip, which forms a natural blockade. This Great Wall is not connected to any other parts of the wall, making this isolated section unique among all the pieces of the Great Wall.

7 Towers Great Wall is hidden between the luxuriant woods and Yellow Grassland, and situated at mountain meadows 1773 m above sea level. The grass here is only green for 3 months köpa priligy. Since the rest of the year the crass has a deep yellow color it is called Yellow Grassland.
Most surprising is that despite several hundred years enduring the wind and snow, the wooden window pillars in front of the hall from each watch tower are still well-preserved and the wood quality is still solid


Hiking location and meeting point:

Detailed hiking route:



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