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      All  hike levels are described for people with an average, healthy physical condition.   Hikes become harder during the hot and humid summer months and easier during the cooler and dry winter, spring and fall months.  All our hikes are done at a relax pace  that gives you time to enjoy the scenery and take pictures.


      Level 1: Easy-Medium

      Most day hikes will be listed as level 1. These day hikes will be 3-4 hours hiking trips with moderate climbs.  An average physical condition is enough to enjoy these hikes. Usually kids older than 7 are ok with these hikes.  Camping trips with a level 2 mark will always have the camping gear delivered.

      Level 2: Medium-Strong

      These are hikes where you need a  good physical condition. Hikes marked as level 2 are usually long day hikes or day hikes that include a steep uphill hike and/or trails where you need some balance. Usually kids form the age of 10 are ok with these trips.

      All camping trips where you need to carry the camping gear are listed as medium strong.  If you have a strong partner who can carry the camping gear for you than you can join even if you only have an average physical condition.

      Level 3: Strong

      Challenging trips for people in good shape.  Compared to the level 2 trip these trips often include longer hikes and may include more challenging trails where a good balance is needed.

      Level 4: Very Strong

      On the Level 4 hikes we climb mountains from 3500 and 6500 meter. For these trips you should have a very good physical condition.


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