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      An unforgettable 5 day adventure to one of Yunnan’s most beautiful and remote Tibetan villages.

      Yubeng is a tiny Tibetan village in northern Yunnan located less than 10 km from the border of Tibet. Rich in both authentic, traditional Tibetan culture and surrounded by stunning mountain scenery, Yubeng is the starting-off point for some of the most beautiful day hikes in Yunnan province, if not all of China! Yubeng lies at the foot of the staggering, snow-capped Meili Xueshan mountain range, which straddles the Yunnan-Tibet border. Due to its remote location, Yubeng is not as famous as well-known Yunnan tourist destinations like Tiger Leaping Gorge and Shangri La, but it’s definitely more impressive! In Yubeng you will feel like you have finally gotten off the beaten path and entered into a land of timeless tranquility and serene natural beauty.

      Fast facts:

      Day 1: Pick-up in Shangri La (3160 metres/10,367 feet), transfer to Deqin County, spend night in hotel next to Feilaisi monastery (3300 m/ 10826 ft), which overlooks the Meili Xueshan mountain range. 5 hr drive from Shangri La to Deqin County. Incredible scenery along the way!

      Day 2: Transfer to Xidang Hotspring (2650 m/8520 ft); hike over a 3700 metre mountain pass and down into Upper Yubeng Village (3200 m/10,498 ft); spend night in local Tibetan guesthouse (5-6 hr hike, one way). Distance: 12km

      Day 3: Hike from Yubeng village to Glacier Lake (3850 m/12,631 m) and back (5-6 hr hike, round trip). Distance: 13 km

      Day 4: Hike from Lower Yubeng village to Sacred Waterfall (3650 m/11,975 ft) and back (4-5 hr hike, round trip). Distance: 12 km

      Day 5: Hike from Yubeng to Ninong Village (2000 metres), transfer to Shangrila, spend night in hotel. (4-5 hr hike, one way) Distance: 18 km


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